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In The Flesh

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‘I don’t wanna go home take off this uniform and leave the show.’ 😞


Tigger and I,… Venus and Mars,… were alright, tonight…

Rocked ALL 🌙. Had great neighbours! A TOTAL ❤❤❤❤❤-in!!! TOTALLY!!!

Rocked solid. Holy 🐮!!! Holy 🐮!!! Holy 🐮!!! BEST 🌙 of my life!!! My ENTIRE life! 😁

Everyone was smoking weed. I can scream like a black girl, too. A banshee? I DO have a war cry — I am Wind in His Hair!!! 😊 And I have been singing lots of Donna Summer and the black girls’ songs lately so… I’m practiced! 😜

REALLY proud of our town. The band seemed humbled by our ❤❤❤❤❤. 😊 Like, we were awesome! Super-fantastique!!! WOWZERS!!! 😁😁😁😁😁

I could feel the crowd through the floor at the end! It was like an… ahem 😊, BIG, GIGANTIC, F**KING orgasm!!!!! Holy 🐮!!! Holy 🐮!!! Holy 🐮!!! (Sorry, but it WAS.) IN-SANE. 😜 Insane, baby! 💋

Just got home…

It’s 12:45… and I think I will listen to it again. Don’t think I could sleep if I tried.


I don’t scream throughout the show. Just when it’s called for. NOT like a crazy, crying Beatles fan. Had seats just left of goal. Row 7. (“Hey, welcome to row 7, neighbour! 😃”) I can shoot it right to the stage from there! I’m SURE they heard me. 😊😃😊

I could feel everyone ‘cuz they were cheering, clapping and stomping their feet. I looked up and they were on their feet to the rafters! ❤❤❤❤❤ cubed, squared, cubed, cubed, cubed, and squared again and again and yet again!!!!!!!! 😜 Rainbows of it, man! RAINBOWS! Like, just f**king BEAUTIFUL! 😂 Beautiful…. Sigh… Beautiful…

I’m actually crying it was SO beautiful. I’m SO proud of my town…

Wish I could just follow that show and watch every night. 😊

My cousin went both nights. She thought the band was quite humbled by our ❤❤❤❤❤, too. We were a REALLY AWESOME crowd. 😊😁😊😁😊 She said much more than the first show. They added this one because the first sold-out so quickly. She thinks they were glad that they did. 😍😍😍😍😍

Music transcends everything. EVERYTHING! Culture, language, race, ethnicity, political and religious affiliations. Brings everyone together. In the ‘now’. On the same page. Sharing a moment. And it is beautiful to behold. It is my utopia. I ❤❤❤❤❤ it!!!!! There is NOTHING better.

Talk is cheap. When we talk we expose the cracks. Reveal the differences. Misunderstand each other. The music is like the mortar that spackles over the cracks. Mends them. I think, maybe, we should all stop talking for a bit and listen to more music together? Could we try, please? Because, the truth is I wanna ❤ you. Feel you. All of us together loving and feeling — REALLY! — each other. ‘Cuz I KNOW we can do it. It would be SOOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL… 😍😍😍😍😍


My whole family saw the show. Scattered throughout the building. Both nights. We worship at the alter of Rock n’ Roll, cats and kittens. And how!!! Don’t cha know? 😉

Powerful. Very powerful… To quote a friend: “I think most impressive is Roger Waters is still fully committed, as an artist, to his angry young man scream of defiance, three decades later.”

Me, too, Dude. Me, too…

No one made me sit down. I told the fellow behind me I was sorry but I just couldn’t. He smiled and said it didn’t matter. Not one bit. 😊 The ❤. Who knew?

I danced with abandon like no one was watching — which is what I always do! The sound was great! And loud. The sound just washes over me… and I’m free. ‘I Feel Love’! Fallin’ free! Fallin’ free! Fallin’ free! Fallin’ free! Fallin’ FREEEEEEEE! YAY!!!!!! 😁 FLYING…


Oh, so…



I think my perfume is magic? Everyone just makes me feel like royalty? I don’t think my aura is THAT spectacular. Memo to self: stockpile the magic perfume. 😜 lol It’s like I couldn’t get into trouble even if I tried with that stuff on. It’s hypnotizing and everyone accommodates my every request?!? 😳 lol Who knew?


We parked and took the train. It was a ❤-in all the way back to our station.

Just THE BEST 🌙 of my life. 😊😂😊😂😊

We got to Tigger’s truck in the parkade… We were on the ground it was open… empty…


“I don’t wanna go home take off this uniform and leave the show…”

It echoed. 😍😍😍😍😍 Wowzers…

Sigh… 😁

“‘I’m so darned proud of ya! I wanna sing about cha!'”

YAY!!!!! 😁

It was magic! MAGIC! M-A-G-I-C! Magic sound! 😊

Coulda stayed there and sang all 🌙 in that empty parkade. Tigger made me go home… We live outside city limits… She had an audit this morning… She’s a mild-mannered accountant by day…



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Rock Show

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Tigger and I are going to a Rock Show tonight. Roger Waters and The Wall.

We’re gonna hear electric music, solid walls of sound.

Gonna try and shake it loose together, hey?

Hey, You!

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Tigger and…

… Dizzy. Friends ’til the End. Together we stand… as we watch the worms eat into Aunty M’s brain in horror whilst she dies… slowly…

‘Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.’

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The Final!

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All the top teams are out!
Underdogs rule the day!
And, HEY!!!
Jersey and L.A.!
All the way!
To the, uh, Final, Dudes!

All bets are off?
You betcha,
cats and kittens!
Fun, fun, fun.
And then some!
Holy 🐮!!!
And how! And WOW!


Howdy 😉

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I’ve always looked up to Ellie May Clampett. She is one of my FAVOURITE characters ever. EVER!!! Of ALL time.

She sure is friendly, nice and pretty. Critters like her, too. She may not have had book-smarts but that doesn’t mean she was dumb. Ellie had it all going on in a way most can only dream.

We could all learn a thing or two from a simple, sweet, genuine girl like her.

Definitely. 😊💋

Here’s a sweet Pic of Ellie and her critter friends:


Detroit Leanin’

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I know Detroit is a sad-sack clown of a town these days. Heck, so am I. That’s one reason I’d like to go there. There are many reasons.

I have no illusions.

I want to see the underbelly and visit my special brand of love and friendliness on them. Give ’em a big hug. Spend some money there. I dunno? They need to feel some love. Wish everyone would pony up and dump a huge heap on them. Let them know that they are loved. ‘Cuz methinks they are suffering very low self-esteem right now and could REALLY use a shot in the arm.

EVERYONE has left them. Stevie Y, Barry Gordy and the Mowtown gang… The auto sector. I think just about everyone but Kid Rock. REALLY choked about that. They’re just down. And they’ll NEVER get back up if everyone abandons them, hey?

I will always ❤❤❤❤❤ them. There’s people like me all over the planet who feel the same. It was a special place. Can be again. But they need help.

Detroit made a lot of things possible for other centres, as well. Cities grew because Detroit helped them. Had the goods, the cars they needed to grow and be successful. A lot of places owe a great debt to them. It’s time for payback, people.

I think if we can save the Motor City the State will follow in kind. It will snowball. I feel it will make a lot of things better for everyone everywhere not just in Michigan. We’d all be riding a wave of love and good vibes. It would grow. Exponentially.

I’m nobody. Maybe you are, too. But collectively we are somebody. The planet would be a better place if we could help get Detroit back on its feet. Even if all we can do is to send kind thoughts their way.

So, let’s get our thinking caps on and send thoughts of love and perseverance to that fine old town. What have we got to lose?

Detroit. That’s what. 💋


Technical Difficulties?

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OMGness! Went to Dutchess and Jimmy’s on the weekend. Got our Rock Band band all together and… equipment malfunctions! 😜 lol The game wouldn’t load. So in the interim the ‘band’ got REALLY drunk while Bobby Boy tried to get us going. But… well, Bobby was kinda… 😜 roflol

Holy 🐮!!! ‘Alka-seltzer, Tang and a 50, it’s all over, hangover!’ 🎶

😝 We usually do snacks and stuff, pace ourselves. Nobody’s perfect. We all got a bit pie-eyed, hey?

So, Jimmy and Skaterboy play this BB gun game. They go to a course. They’ve got targets in the garage. I don’t do gun guns. Don’t kill stuff. Not my scene. Any guns. Hunting guns. I just leave. Get away. Don’t like ’em one bit.

That being said…

J says, “Hey, wanna give it a go, Dizz?”

“Ummmm,… okay?” 😊

“Dizzy, because I ❤ you so much I’m going to have to ask you to put on safety googles.” 😄😃😄

❤❤❤❤❤ Jimmy! And how!

But I’m cautious safety-girl…

“I, uh, wouldn’t have it any other way, Jimmy Boy. 😉”

“Okay. It’s on semi-automatic. Squeeze and you’ll get one off. Line your sights up here… Go for it, girl.”

Well… I squeezed. 😜 I am quite a bit ashamed to say it was FAB-U-LOUS!!!

*Dizzy? Our Dizzy? Oh, my!*

“Well, then… let’s just put this baby on fully automatic for ya, Dizz. 😁😁😁”

And he did… And I did!

I let ‘er rip! Holy 🐮!!! Intoxicating! INTOXICATING!!!!

“Die, motherf**kers!!!! DIE!!!!!” 😄😃😄😃😄 roflol

Oh! Ahem, please, excuse me…

The shock and delight on my peeps’ faces! 😜 What? Who knew? They didn’t think I had it in me. 😊 lol I know I didn’t!!! It was SO cute and funny. Sparkly even? Je ne sais quoi? 😄😃😄😃😄

Everyone laughed SO hard!!!! 😁 Aaaaahhhhhh…

We did that FIRST before we were pie-eyed, while just only tipsy. I am VERY safety conscious. Very. 😊

I always liked cops and robbers. But as I grew older I saw the implications that accompany guns. The kind of people who have guns aren’t the kinda people I wanna hang with, at least not here in Canada. Not very many people have them and the ones that do… Guns are a recipe for disaster. Granddad thought so, too. I’m rather afraid of them. Whenever I see them I get a queasy feeling?

They walked me home VERY late. I had The Cars playing on my iPhone (don’t have much music on it). What must the gentry of this hamlet think of us?!? 😱 Good grief. 😊 We laughed all the way home! Giddy. ‘Dancing down the street…’

Plugged in some Hendrix when I got in. Had it looped? It just kept goin’ and wound up chilling with Jimmi until the sun came up! Ooooops! How did that happen? I should know better. Always have a hard time turning it off. NEVER want it to end..

I’ve had a couple very slapstick weekends. My goodness. My goodness. If it gets any sillier I’ll most certainly die! Certainly! 😜 roflol


The ‘Band’… We look an awful lot like the Muppets, hey? 😜 lol