Technical Difficulties?

In Friendship, Jimmi Hendrix, Music, Silly, Uncategorized on May 23, 2012 at 5:36 pm

OMGness! Went to Dutchess and Jimmy’s on the weekend. Got our Rock Band band all together and… equipment malfunctions! 😜 lol The game wouldn’t load. So in the interim the ‘band’ got REALLY drunk while Bobby Boy tried to get us going. But… well, Bobby was kinda… 😜 roflol

Holy 🐮!!! ‘Alka-seltzer, Tang and a 50, it’s all over, hangover!’ 🎶

😝 We usually do snacks and stuff, pace ourselves. Nobody’s perfect. We all got a bit pie-eyed, hey?

So, Jimmy and Skaterboy play this BB gun game. They go to a course. They’ve got targets in the garage. I don’t do gun guns. Don’t kill stuff. Not my scene. Any guns. Hunting guns. I just leave. Get away. Don’t like ’em one bit.

That being said…

J says, “Hey, wanna give it a go, Dizz?”

“Ummmm,… okay?” 😊

“Dizzy, because I ❤ you so much I’m going to have to ask you to put on safety googles.” 😄😃😄

❤❤❤❤❤ Jimmy! And how!

But I’m cautious safety-girl…

“I, uh, wouldn’t have it any other way, Jimmy Boy. 😉”

“Okay. It’s on semi-automatic. Squeeze and you’ll get one off. Line your sights up here… Go for it, girl.”

Well… I squeezed. 😜 I am quite a bit ashamed to say it was FAB-U-LOUS!!!

*Dizzy? Our Dizzy? Oh, my!*

“Well, then… let’s just put this baby on fully automatic for ya, Dizz. 😁😁😁”

And he did… And I did!

I let ‘er rip! Holy 🐮!!! Intoxicating! INTOXICATING!!!!

“Die, motherf**kers!!!! DIE!!!!!” 😄😃😄😃😄 roflol

Oh! Ahem, please, excuse me…

The shock and delight on my peeps’ faces! 😜 What? Who knew? They didn’t think I had it in me. 😊 lol I know I didn’t!!! It was SO cute and funny. Sparkly even? Je ne sais quoi? 😄😃😄😃😄

Everyone laughed SO hard!!!! 😁 Aaaaahhhhhh…

We did that FIRST before we were pie-eyed, while just only tipsy. I am VERY safety conscious. Very. 😊

I always liked cops and robbers. But as I grew older I saw the implications that accompany guns. The kind of people who have guns aren’t the kinda people I wanna hang with, at least not here in Canada. Not very many people have them and the ones that do… Guns are a recipe for disaster. Granddad thought so, too. I’m rather afraid of them. Whenever I see them I get a queasy feeling?

They walked me home VERY late. I had The Cars playing on my iPhone (don’t have much music on it). What must the gentry of this hamlet think of us?!? 😱 Good grief. 😊 We laughed all the way home! Giddy. ‘Dancing down the street…’

Plugged in some Hendrix when I got in. Had it looped? It just kept goin’ and wound up chilling with Jimmi until the sun came up! Ooooops! How did that happen? I should know better. Always have a hard time turning it off. NEVER want it to end..

I’ve had a couple very slapstick weekends. My goodness. My goodness. If it gets any sillier I’ll most certainly die! Certainly! 😜 roflol


The ‘Band’… We look an awful lot like the Muppets, hey? 😜 lol

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