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So…? If God is Love then why am I able to love those with God but they are unable to really love me, ‘keep me hanging on’? Hmmmmmmm? Good question, hey?


Someone once told me they had this book of questions. Like a party game. Fostered discussion. The favourite had been: Would you kill someone if it meant you could save the world, humanity?

I said, “Sure.”

I’d take out a mafia kingpin. End of story. To save every ONE and THING. You betcha! 😘

They said they had to be innocent. Blameless. I immediately replied that if I could be considered so, I would kill myself to save everyone. Wouldn’t think twice. Otherwise, no. Unless, maybe, they volunteered. They said they couldn’t. Couldn’t know it was coming…

Their jaw had also dropped? They said I was the ONLY person to ever say that…??? But, I can’t fathom another response. They asked a LOT of folks, too? (Even more after my response. Looking for a duplicate. It never came.)

Which brings me to Abraham and Isaac:

Apparently God told Abraham that he had to sacrifice his child, that which made his heart sing, to prove his love (NOT save humanity) for his God? Isaac was a willing sacrifice? Then at the last moment a ‘messenger’ was sent to call it all off? Supposedly, God just wanted to see if Abe would actually do it?

Now, that request is not only creepy but unseemly to me. It’s sick, twisted and manipulative. A request worthy of the Evil Queen Bavmorda. NEVER toy with people’s affections nor make them jump through hoops for you. Bad form. Why would a god do that? It would seem flawed? The exclusive domain of humans?

There’s a lot of discussion about this and other stories. The discussion becomes very convoluted and folds in on itself. Some say that this story was the impetus for God sacrificing his own son?


But if Jesus was the ‘ransom’, as is said, that paid for our sins… why are things the way they are? The ransom has been paid, has it not?

And things are the way they are because some woman ate an apple? Didn’t obey her man? C’mon. An apple a day…? She was fooled. It was a mistake. But the just, kind, forgiving and loving God dooms humanity for all eternity? Because of one woman? The prototype? Start over. You’re God.

But what of the ransom? Hmmmmmmmm? It’s been paid. What of forgiveness?

The more I study — which, in all honesty, I do less and less — the Bible and other tomes the more evidence I find of sick, twisted, dysfunctional, manipulative behaviour. Mythology is rife with dysfunction. I think humanity uses these books as crutches then play ‘God’ with each others’ lives because it’s so much more interesting and self-important than being transparent in their motives?

Methinks God was created in mans’ image. Not vice versa. That religion is a human construct to control people in general. Women specifically.

I would NEVER in a billion years sacrifice my love for anyone or thing that would make such a request of me. I would sacrifice myself first. I would never choose anything but my love. Those that profess love for me would NEVER deign to make such an horrible request… God or no… 💋



The Jesus Dream

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So…, ummmm…

I had a dream once. I dreamed of the second coming. Jesus came. He was overwhelmed by the hordes calling his name clamouring over each other with blatant disregard for the collective’s well-being. Their eyes on the prize:

“Jesus! Jesus! Pick me, Jesus! Save ME, Jesus! ME! ME!”

He was crying. He looked afraid. Overwhelmed. Disappointed… And, ultimately,… ashamed.

I pushed through the crowds. Made my way to him. Took his hand and asked, “Jesus, how can I help YOU?” (He REALLY needed help. It was SCARY. I was afraid for him. Was ready to fight to protect him. They were ready to rip him apart. The hordes were selfish and concerned only with their own salvation, themselves, their interests. They weren’t crying to “please, take my neighbour first he has suffered greatly…” Is this what that day would look like? Is this how people are? My dream? 😳)

“Save yourselves”, he told me, “I am not who they believe me to be.”

It was a powerful dream. Not the kind you have everyday. I think he was implying that the stories were exaggerated, aggrandized. He was a Prophet of Love. Nothing more. NOTHING less. (This was before I learned of the Da Vinci Code and the works it was based on.)

I had an epiphany of sorts. It was the crescendo. A long time coming. There’s nothing Jesus did that we can’t do. He was a man. Hug a leper. Feed the masses. We can do it. We just don’t want to. We just want to gain status, power and standing. We use these books as excuses to test, manipulate each other. Sit in judgement. If you suffer it is by your own hand, they suppose. You deserve it.

When they DO help. It’s often tied to conversion and assimilation. There are strings. I’ve seen them. Those that accept ‘The Word’ (My ‘Dads’ and I say ‘The Word’ is LOVE. 😊 It IS only one word, too.) are helped in ways those that do not are not (It’s really just a self-fullfilling prophecy). I would respect it if they just helped without trying to indoctrinate. Then I would believe it was out of the goodness of their hearts. Because you should never mess with the reality of messed up people. You should just help them. To ask for anything in return is repugnant. Especially when it brings favour on yourself — whether that be from a deity or leader.

At the end of the day I understand and appreciate the beliefs. Think they can be supremely beautiful, at times. They were once mine, as well. 😊 No one appreciates how much I actually know about all his stuff. What a seeker I am. Many who would condemn me don’t know ANYTHING about anything more than their OWN faith. They aren’t really allowed. It’s frowned upon. Very insular. Selfish. Myopic. They don’t know about Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims, Humanists. But, especially not Atheists, Agnostics, Wiccans, Universalists… Nothing. They may feign knowledge but I feel it’s all in the name of political correctness. Hmmmmmmmm? Not very impressive. I actually GO to the Centres for Religious Tolerance site.

If a lot of people were to ask themselves why they started to believe, in truth, I think they would say because that’s what they’ve been told is true all their lives. The sky is blue. (We know why.) The grass is green. (We can prove that.) God exists. (Ipso facto.) That’s how I started. It was a given in and of itself. That’s what I’d always been told… by PEOPLE. But, the more I sought…

I clung to my beliefs for a long time until I couldn’t rationalize them anymore. I had to face the truth: There is no one Truth. There are many, myriad truths.

My grandparents were DEVOUT Catholics. I, ummmm, left. And since so has most everyone else. I refused to support an organization whose leaders have abused children for centuries. Cannot fathom anything less than mass exodus. If the followers REALLY cared about their church they’d say they were leaving and could not support them until they sorted this GARGANTUAN controversy out. (C’mon, people, and you’re upset about what consenting adults do behind closed doors and NOT this? REALLY?) It’s occurrences like that that reinforce my belief that everyone is in it for themselves, their own salvation. The church would get their ducks in a row mighty quick if everyone forced them to. If the money quit flowing. And how. But no one is?


Maybe this is the reason I am suited to be a ‘religious leader’? (Surprise! Yep, that’s what career counseling got me.) I dunno? I ask a lot of questions. Many ‘pious’ folks have LITERALLY scoffed at them and me. (‘Only the most pious have doubt’? Or something like that. Can’t remember who said it. Think it was a Pope or someone? The MOST holy to many. But it’s NOT okay for me? Hmmmmmmmm?) There are no wrong questions, right? Or so they say…

I have NO proof of anything BUT the Universe. Blind faith is just that. Blind.

And so… I keep searching… 😊✨💋


For Robin, Donna, Dick, Davey, Maurice and Whitney…

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Lady-bird, Lady-bird

Lady-bird, Lady-bird, fly away home
the field mouse is gone to her nest
the daisies have shut up their sleepy red eyes
and the birds and the bees are at rest
Lady-bird, Lady-bird, fly away home
the glow worm is lighting her lamp
the dew’s falling fast, and your fine speckled wings
will flag with the close clinging damp
Lady-bird, Lady-bird, fly away home
the fairy bells tinkle afar
make haste or they’ll catch you and harness you fast
with a cobweb to Oberon’s star

by Helen Ferris Doubleday & Co., Inc.(1957)


Love & Wonder

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I saw Stevie Wonder on the Billboard Music Awards. He made a plea for Love. I would like to echo Stevie’s call. It’s time. Time for Love. Let’s forget what comes between us. Let’s focus on what we Love about each other and not what we don’t. Nobody’s perfect. We all have shortcomings. Let’s help each other through. Let’s pick up the slack of each other’s frailties. Let’s carry each other when we can’t move forward alone.

Let us forget what divides us. Embrace what unites us. There’s nothing we can do that can’t be done… together. All you need is Love, Love. Love is all you need.

Let’s? Until we reach the Highest Ground? 💋


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Fly away home, my long suffering Robin Gibb.

Ad Astra.


Togas Anyone?

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Who cares if pants are baggy, saggy and falling down? I mean, heck, at least we know who’s got clean underwear on, right?!? 😉 lol

Youth always has a uniform: Poodle Skirts. Bell bottoms. Miniskirts. Bondage pants and safety pins. Kilts…

Togas… anyone? 😉 lol

Let’s Make Out, People! 😉

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I’m requesting that the whole planet make out this weekend in memory of Donna Summer.

C’mon, people! We’re burning daylight!

Let’s ‘Feel Love’!




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I was a ‘Christian’ until about 10-15 years ago? I think it frightens people that I’ve ‘lost faith’?

Flirted with a lot of philosophies. The Beatles ARE my ‘Dads’. Whatever they did I did, too.

I am now decidedly Agnostic (NOT to be confused with Atheism. Completely different ball of wax.). I don’t know. Have NO proof. And am not going to say that I do. A book is NOT, nada, no longer proof enough for me. It is proof of authors and printing presses.

If it eventually turns out that a deity does, in fact, exist and that deity is omnipotent, kind and just I am sure they will understand the conclusions which I have drawn are the only ones I could. Will forgive me? If not… Oh, well. I took my chances.

I eschew labels because change is constant. Who knows what new information you may learn tomorrow? But, if I were to adhere to ANY philosophy it would most likely be secular humanism. Just be good for goodness’ sake alone. Not for promises of Heaven nor threats of Hell nor the favour of a deity…

People think if you don’t have ‘God’ you have no beliefs… Just how it goes…

I don’t want to stand around waiting on some ‘God’ to save us. Let’s save ourselves. If there is a ‘God’ that would make them proud. So? Let’s make the ‘God’ proud! C’mon already… We’re burning daylight.

I think it was Gide who said: ‘Trust none that possess the truth, only those who seek it.’

As good advice as any, I’d say. 😊

Stevie Wonder says: When you believe in things you don’t understand then you suffer. Superstition ain’t the way… Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. 🎶

Last but, definitely, not least John Lennon sang: Imagine there’s no countries. It isn’t hard to do. Nothing to kill or die for. No religion, too… 🎶

Just imagine! Holy 🐮!!! Oh, wouldn’t it be nice… 🎶

Believing in the apparent Universe is altogether completely different for me for some reason? I am Stephen Hawking’s groupie! 😜 roflol

Peace, baby.💋


Sports & Tunes…

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I was watching the 2008 Olympic Triathalon. Simon Whitfield was in for Canada. He was behind. I started chanting…

“TNT! Oi! Oi! Oi! TNT!”

He started to advance!?!

“Oi! Oi! Oi! TNT!”

He threw off his visor!?!

“Oi! Oi! Oi! TNT!”

Who knew?

“I’ma dynamite!”

Holy 🐮!!! He’s movin’! And how!

“TNT! And I’ll win the fight!”

Movin’! WOWZERS! Like I was whispering in his ear! Jaws had dropped. 😜 lol

“TNT! I’m a power load! TNT!”

Yay! 😁

“Watch me explooooooode!”

Those were all the words I could remember. And when I ran out of words… Simon ran out of steam… 😳 If I just knew the WHOLE song I think I coulda sung him to gold! Man, oh, man! 😜 lol

Last night the TV popped on just as Kim and Geddy were screaming ‘YEAAAAAAH!’ Crazy good! Jersey scores! Right at the exact time it!!!!!!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤ it!!!!! 😜 LMFAO!

I can’t make this 💩 up! 😜 lol✨

The Storm

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There was a storm. Sat was out. Listening to Max Webster and watching the playoffs…

Rangers are up 2-1. TV pops on. Jersey scores! Just as Batlle Scar crescendos! Then the TV cuts out again! 😜 lol

Love sports/music moments! 😊✨