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Truer words were never spoken. This from a very talented, thoughtful poet. Please, check out Lilly’s blog.

Then, just like that… Bela Lugosi’s Dead

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I think I may have unintentionally offended a lesbian (obviously Butch) last night with my music. Les Boys. It’s pretty cheeky. Dire Straits. Off Making Movies. I had just recommended it and I wouldn’t want anyone to think I am in ANY way homophobic. I don’t have a problem with anyone sleeping with ANYONE if that’s what they wanna do and everyone is a willing participant. Hey, can’t have too much Love. Who EVER chose who they were going to Love? It just happens.

We were in a parking lot in the Satellite. The song just came on. Didn’t think anything of it, actually.

Man… 😞

I mean, they were her problems, issues, not mine… I smiled at her. But, she shot me a look to kill and peeled out of the parking lot. There was no way to make amends, though. I feel like s**t even though it was her problem.

Feel like TOTAL s**t.

I’m a champ of LGBTQ rights. I’ve taken plenty for the team. Was accosted by a ‘Christian’ leader at a government centre rally for same-gender unions. I can’t even repeat what he said to me. It was a diatribe of filth. Just graphic. GRAPHIC — NOT in a good way. Holy 🐮!!!

I was with some boys I had met who had a ‘Straight But Not Narrow’ placard. It HAD been a groovy ❤-in up to that point…

It went something like this:

“No, sir, gay people aren’t pedophiles. Pedophiles are pedophiles. ”

“If it bothers you that much don’t think about it. Do you think about your neighbours having sex? No. (No? Ya think?) Then, don’t think about gays having sex.”

His face was all red. Spittle. Screaming at me. Getting more and more verbose by the second. His wife tried to pull him away. He pushed her off. She left the fray. Looked mortified by his actions.

I didn’t know what else to say so I just repeated, “No, sir, you’re the pervert, sir.” Over and over, ad infinitum.

Why can’t he just ‘open his heart’? Find some love, man?

Then, some street kids got involved. He made them cry. I maintained the ‘mantra’. It just escalated. Then, a minister lady of some sort intervened. He’d desist for her, for ‘God’?


The two boys turned to me crying. I hugged them tight as I could. They were SO skinny. Oh, so. I could feel their bones through their coats. ‘Beauty in the hurricane’s eye.’

Yin, Yang and the Flowerpot Man

Gay street boys. Probably run out of their small town after having the tar beat out of them by their fathers or bullies with no money and nothing but the clothes on their backs. Arriving in fabulous downtown Metropolis by Greyhound. Selling themselves on the street of the big city to eat, to survive… I’ve met a lot of them downtown…


I’m Queen of the Disenfranchised, don’t cha know?

She Sells Sanctuary

You see, I used to hang at the gay club sometimes, back in the day. Had been to the hardcore gay club across the way a few times, as well. I’ve seen ‘Les Boys’ in SS caps, cabarets and drag shows… And all manner of… *shrug*? Yeah. You name it.

So, I kinda think I’m allowed, qualified to play any music I want, hey? Without having to censor myself. I didn’t even think twice? I didn’t. It didn’t even occur to me that anyone might take offense, least of all her.

The Club was an awesome place. All the social outcasts, the fringe element went there: Gays, Geeks, Goths, Punks and Artists. They played great music — a sampling of which I’m playing for you here throughout the story. Bands like:

Joy Division…

The Cure…

The Smiths…

It was in an alley and the back bar was open until 5 a.m., shhhhhh… 😉 lol

It would seem the girls and I couldn’t just go dancing without weird guys we weren’t interested in all over us. Then, we’d go to the girls’ room and some girls would pick a fight with us because we stole the guys we didn’t want from them? Yikes! NOT our scene.

At The Club you could just dance by yourself or, really, just the WHOLE place. Everyone just danced together. Cosmic. Rainbows of Love — pun intended. When gay guys tell you you’re beautiful you can kinda, almost believe them, hey?

Sometimes bad guys would show up to hurt people — people minding their own business, not hurting anyone, Loving, dancing, having fun — and the Police would have to come…

Sometimes people were hurt badly…

The victims had been bled…

And, then, just like that… it would seem… Bela Lugosi’s Dead* **…

The LGBTQ has been very good to me.

I ❤❤❤❤❤ ‘Les Boys’ — ‘It’s all in fun, now.’ 😉

Please, support your local LGBTQ Community.


* First released by Bauhaus in 1979, the song was featured in the 1983 Tony Scott cult vampire film ‘The Hunger’ — that’s when I found it — starring Catherine Deneuve, Susan Sarandon and David Bowie, with Bauhaus appearing. The video for the film is, ummmmm, sssssssmokin’ 🔥. Dizzy Yet? is rated ‘R’. Just so you know…

** The song is over nine minutes in length — worth every second — and was recorded ‘live in-studio’ in one single take.

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Wonderfully whimsical.

Poorly Drawn Bees

So last Wednesday night I was bored so to pass the time I tried something new. I became a world-renowned fashion designer for about twenty-seven minutes.

Excited by my new profession I went on down to the fabric story and bought fifteen metres/yards (Yes, the exact amount depends entirely on your country’s perspective.) of golden yellow fabric. With all the tools I needed in hand I quickly ran out of the store and found my tall, lanky model waiting for the bus.

With more speed than I thought I had I ran around the model while wrapping him from the neck down with my grand creation. He was screaming the whole time. Such enthusiasm! I was inspired by his energy and vigour. After I was finished I took a step back to examine my work. He was extremely beautiful. And still letting out the hype! He looked at me confused…

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Tunnel of Love

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The first thing I thought when I saw this was: Tunnel of Love by Dire Straits. Then, I found out that is what it’s actually called. It’s a real place, a train tunnel, in the Ukraine… Who knew?

Wow… Sigh… Beautiful…

In Fall…


I’ve just gotta play it this. It’s a great song. Dire Straits from their mighty, mighty fine album Making Movies. I sure hope you like it:

Last but not least… The Tunnel in Winter…


Wish I could go there every day. 😊

The Cancer Patient

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Had to run errands in a satellite of the nearest metropolis. Outside one of my stops was a big brick flower planter. You know. The kind with a ledge. There was this gaunt, filthy, threadbare old man sleeping on it in the full afternoon sun… His joints swollen out of all proportion.

I hovered…

Homeless people really DON’T sleep. It’s one reason they seem so out of it and get wasted all the time. I think we’d all have to be pretty wasted to sleep in dark alleys and out in public on a regular basis, hey? They just rest, really. So, didn’t want to disturb him if he was getting rest. But I was not at all sure he was okay.

Went into the establishment. Told my girl. She said to check on him. But why hadn’t she already? She could clearly see him. It’s her establishment. She should have taken care before I got there because the scene rather upset me. All the while, people are just walking by!!! WTF?!?!?!?

WHAT! THE! F**K! PEOPLE!!!!! Wake up!

The satellite is full of the rich and upper middle class. They don’t have homeless people there and if they do I’m sure the Mounties just take ’em to downtown metropolis and drop them off with my friend, Goodie, at the homeless shelter, hey?

So… I went back out. I didn’t want to startle him. Once I showed interest then people began stopping? Like, f**k you! Now? Bystander effect? Ya think?

“Sir… Sir… Sir…”

All the while wanting to call the upper crust man now standing at my side a**hole.

The gaunt man finally stirred.

“Sir… are you alright, Sir?”

He was WAY groggy. Assured me he was okay. But, then just flaked out again.

He was NOT okay. Not at all. Not at all.

Went back in to see my girl. I thought we should call an ambulance. But a scene, an ambulance ride and most likely a five hour wait in ER? Nah. Decided I’d best go to the walk-in clinic next door and see if I could get him some discrete, immediate assistance without making a big scene.

So… Told the receptionist what was goin’ on. She told me he wasn’t homeless. He’s was a cancer patient. His joints were swollen from meds. WTF?

I was afraid to touch him for fear I would hurt him he looked that bad — I am NOT remotely afraid of touching anyone, I especially touch ‘lepers’. And no one would help him? Why? Because he was filthy and threadbare? They were too busy? It’s not their problem? They think it’s okay for gaunt old men to sleep in the street all prone and vulnerable like that?

He obviously can no longer care for himself… But who does? Who will? This is f**king Canada, man. We’re supposed to take care of each other here.

The receptionist came out and took care of him. Told me to carry on. Promised me she’d take care of him. I believed her. She was nice. (I WAS in town for errands and was burning daylight.)


I am SO unfathomably angry and ashamed of EVERYONE right now. And how! Yeah. Boy, oh, boy!

I really didn’t feel like going to town. At first, I wished I hadn’t gone at all. But, I guess, I should go more often because people just aren’t pulling their weight. Judging from the pool of drool under his head he had been there quite some time. Quite!

The cancer patient REALLY threw me for a loop. Was DEAD certain he was homeless. And, as bad as that was, it was okay. I could deal with that. Was COMPLETELY unprepared for the truth. TOTALLY. UTTERLY…



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Breathtaking photography. Beautiful quotes.

Manipal's Photo Blog

**This is an old post which has been reposted as a part of the reliving the old posts series. This is the 2nd such post, the first being “PURE EYES”

Dew drops on the lush green grass.

“The dew, ‘Tis of the tears which stars weep, sweet with joy.” 

“Dewdrops, Nature’s tears, which she Sheds in her own breast for the fair which die. The sun insists on gladness; but at night, When he is gone, poor Nature loves to weep.” 

– Philip James Bailey

Beautiful Macro Photography by
Karun Potty
View the full screen images in the Gallery:

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Thought this rather succinct and worth sharing.

Everybody Stand Up!

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When love walks in the room


Everybody stand up


Oh it’s good, good, good


Like Brigitte Bardot


Elle est magnifique, non?


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Live from New York City it’s Saturday Night!

You believe what you wanna believe, baby. I’ll back ya. 😉

The Primrose Fairy

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It must be said that Faeries are mischievous little creatures. They are untrustworthy and often mean and spiteful. Never, under any circumstances, eat ANYTHING offered you by them.

The only one you can really trust is the Primrose Fairy. She’s good through and through.

You’re safe with her.


The Song of The Primrose Fairy

The Primrose opens wide in Spring;
Her scent is sweet and good:
It smells of every happy thing
In sunny lane and wood.
I have not half the skill to sing
And praise her as I should.

She’s dear to folk throughout the land;
In her is nothing mean:
She freely spreads on every hand
Her petals pale and clean.
And though she’s neither proud nor grand,
She is the Country Queen.

~ From Flower Fairies of the Spring by Cicely Mary Barker (1895-1973)