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Wonderfully whimsical.

Poorly Drawn Bees

So last Wednesday night I was bored so to pass the time I tried something new. I became a world-renowned fashion designer for about twenty-seven minutes.

Excited by my new profession I went on down to the fabric story and bought fifteen metres/yards (Yes, the exact amount depends entirely on your country’s perspective.) of golden yellow fabric. With all the tools I needed in hand I quickly ran out of the store and found my tall, lanky model waiting for the bus.

With more speed than I thought I had I ran around the model while wrapping him from the neck down with my grand creation. He was screaming the whole time. Such enthusiasm! I was inspired by his energy and vigour. After I was finished I took a step back to examine my work. He was extremely beautiful. And still letting out the hype! He looked at me confused…

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