Playing by the Rules

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I’ll try to keep this simple. If you’re interested you’ll look it up. But, I doubt you care. If anyone did we wouldn’t be in this mess to begin with. It’s awfully convoluted, in any case.

Canada is governed by the Multi Party Westminster Parliamentary System. Within the confines of that system we experienced successive conservative minority governments in recent history. That means, the governing party possesses a minority of seats in the House of Commons. The opposition parties combined comprise the majority.

Minority governments are actually a pretty good scenario. All things considered. It’s government by consensus. Everyone must to work together. No one can pull any really hard punches. Some of the best democracy this country has ever witnessed was practiced in that fold. An election may be called through a vote of non-confidence. So, the powers that be usually walk a reasonable middle ground unable to push anything too, terribly radical through.

Then, the minority government was found in contempt of parliament by the Speaker of the House — the ‘ref’ for all intents and purposes. They weren’t playing by the rules? In contempt? Yes. For the VERY first time in the history of the system. Ever. No Commonwealth nation’s government has ever been found in contempt prior to this incident. None. Ever. Not in the WHOLE history of the system, cats and kittens!

The bulk of the public didn’t seem to care? La-di-da…

According to the rules of the parliamentary system it was incumbent upon the majority opposition to move for a vote of non-confidence. They HAD to. It’s just the rules. The rules, people.

They held the non-confidence vote in the House. Non-confidence won the day. An election was called. Another election may not have been what everyone wanted but we arrived there by way of the democratic rules of our parliamentary system. It is what it is. All pretty cut and dried, right?


Somehow the spin doctors and money bags convinced the electorate that the opposition was bad, nay evil. That they’d started the whole debacle. We know it was the Speaker who found them in contempt — it was his job to do so — not the opposition, right? Canada didn’t want this election and it was all their fault. Especially, that egg-head Harvard professor. I mean, who would want a prime minister that had taught at the second best school on the planet? Who was worldly, educated, reasonable? Not us, hey? No way. Not a chance. He didn’t stand a hope in heck.

I find myself wondering if the whole scenario wasn’t orchestrated by the minority government to force the opposition to play the non-confidence card? Forcing an unwanted election they could then blame on the opposition, thus, garnering the votes needed for a majority government so they may advance their totalitarian agendas? Phew!

The fine people of this once great land believed them and saw fit to return the minority government to Parliament Hill with a resounding majority? It was a phenomenal power play, a farce, a game that paid off big time. Big. Time.

Uh, what? You’re kidding, right?

No. Not so much. Wish I was.

This government who had previously proven to the populace they cannot play by the rules was given a free mandate. Carte blanche. They’re the majority. They can do whatever they want. Whatever. They are. And how!

They’re ramming through omnibus legislation — which I believe is unconstitutional, in itself. They have so many bills attached to that ‘bus’ it just makes your head spin. Spin, I tell ya. That’s but the tip of the iceberg… Environment, healthcare, research…


I’m saddened to say I suspect they think it’s all a game. The joke’s on us. I’m not sure they’re even playing their game by any rules, at all. I can’t fathom why people can’t see through them. I fear my countrymen have become sheep. Or, worse yet, blinded by the avarice of the conglomerate ‘Church of Fundamentalism, Free Market Capitalism, The Bottom Line and The Almighty Buck, Ltd’. Oh! And, punish, punish, punish, too!


I’m not sure how it all got this way? It seems like some bad fiction to me. I’m quite rather disillusioned, to say the very least. Politics really is a vicious game. Everyone’s a ‘playa’.

I find that, unfortunately, oftentimes people are incapable of governing themselves accordingly. We need governments. Good, transparent governments with the people’s — both the individual’s and the collective’s — best interests at heart. But, how, Batman? Who? What? Where? Systems are failing us from here to there. It would seem governments can’t govern themselves accordingly, either?

And taxes? Everyone is down on them, but, everything we have together is due to the concerted power of taxpayer dollars. Roads, schools, libraries, hospitals. You name it. The infrastructure we create together brings amenities and opportunities to our communities. We’re just so much better, can accomplish so much more together than apart. United. In this context taxes would appear to be fair and efficient? No? I’m not buying privatisation. I think fair, equitable taxation and administration the far superior, impartial model.

So… ahem… I’m no political scientist or economist by any stretch of the imagination, that is most certain. I’m just sayin’, is all…

I’m just hoping I… Won’t Get Fooled Again…? Oh, by the way, here come my favourite hooligans…

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