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You can never get too much John Lennon. Dig the Beatleness of Jade’s blog, cats and kittens! John and the Lads were a monumental influence on me, as well…

I may have Agnostic, Secular Humanist leanings. But, the Dalai and the Buddhists have it going on in a way no one else does. The Dalai has even called for an end to religion — like John in Imagine — because it gets in the way of the True Love we should have for each other.
Nam myoho renge kyo. (‘I devote myself to the Lotus Sutra of the Wonderful Law.’) 💋

Ethereal Mermaid

     As a young girl growing up listening to Abbey Road, I shared my father’s adoration for the Beatles. My favorite songs were Maxwell’s Silver Hammer and Octopus Garden. These days, I have many more favorites, especially Dear Prudence, Across the Universe, and Strawberry Fields Forever. In these songs, I found love and inspiration, as well as the message of Peace.


     Throughout the years, I’ve felt intensely connected to John Lennon and his universal message for Peace. Lennon’s lucky number was 9 and he was born on October 9. I was also born on the 9th of the month in April, and the number has always held a special meaning in my life. I spent the freshman year of high school researching Lennon for a class paper. I became immersed in my findings. Although I had grown up listening to his songs, I rediscovered Lennon’s message in a deeper, more fundamental…

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  1. Yay thanks heaps for reblogging! Buddhist teachings hold much truth, such as realizing your own Buddha nature, truth and wisdom, rather than seeking it externally. Buddhism also recognizes that all other paths ultimately lead to to same place, whereas religion often serves to further divide people. . Lennon & the Dalai Lama are my homeboys 😉

    • You’re very welcome.
      They’re among my homies, as well.
      You are so fine and pretty, Jade. Like, wow! Very groovy, girl. Glad to make you’re acquaintance.
      Hope you had a great day! 💋

  2. Cool thanks! I am looking forward to reading more of your posts! Have a fun day.

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