Traffic Jam

In Comic Relief, Driving, Groovy, Infinity, Love, Music, My Car, Nifty, Places, Poetry, Silly, The Universe, Very Bad Poetry on July 16, 2012 at 12:39 am

Jude and me
From the green to the streets
The War Pigs as they are
Groovy-tough beat to beat

Jude and me
Really funking the Fame
Really be, really, babe
Too cool, but hot like a flame

Jude and me
Tripping lights fantastique
Layla joins us awhile
She’s so lovely, so unique

Jude and me
Cruising, floating along
Everything we hear
Another favourite song

Jude and me
Now Bumper to bumper
In Love with a traffic ‘jam’
Hey! Jack Flash, he’s the jumper

Jude and me
Steve and Joe Walk This Way
Ask us to Remember
A little kiss, like this, hey

Jude and me
The Green Arrow said, “Jet!”
We’ll go for a ride in the Sky
Little lady, Suffragette

Jude and me
The last signals seen
Slipping deep into cool mauve
Through the backlit tangerine

Jude and me
Keeping some Bad Company
’Like Making Love to the Sky
To the Purple Haze, baby

Jude and me
Pushing waves of ’Zepplin
As dusk’s mists start to creep
Green’s lush kiss welcomes us in

Jude and me
The Song Remains the Same
As we go slidin’ through
Infinity, glad we came

Yeah, Jude and me
We’re just right
’Round and ’round
Close and tight


Ummmmm, Jude is my car. 😊


  1. I want to go for a cruise with Jude and listen to all these amazing songs.

  2. It’s a great drive, Jade. An hour, hour and a half round trip — depending on traffic. It had been raining for two days prior, so, the sunset was out of this world spectacular, too.

    I’ve got this ‘work in progress’ playlist happening of the best Rock n’ Roll songs of all time. There’s an absurd amount of Music on it — like, 9 hours or something and I’m not finished! 😊 It makes for a TERRIFIC shuffle on my nano.

    It was just a groovy-good drive. The traffic ‘jam’ was on my favourite green, winding road! Wings started singing ‘Jet’ at the exact time my red light changed to a green left-hand turning arrow. It was Cosmic! I take wild, preposterous pleasure in moments like that? Holy 🐮!!!

    Thanks for digging my very bad poetry. This isn’t my first foray into automotive poetry, either. I wrote an Ode to my car Strawberry Fields — wonder if I can find it? I also write some very, very, horribly bad playoff hockey poetry, too! 😊 lol But, heck, if no one wrote really bad poetry we’d never know how good the good stuff was, hey? 😉 lol

    And, Jude and I would ❤❤❤❤❤ to take you for a drive, Jade! Any time! Hope you have a great day! 💋

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