American Pie

In Dark, Don McLean, Life, Loss, Love, Music, Poetry, Very Bad Poetry on July 25, 2012 at 6:18 pm


The Day The Music Died

I believe in Rock ‘n Roll
Music saved my mortal soul
I can teach you how to dance
Real slow, baby, now’s my chance

Something touched me deep inside
What it is I just can’t hide
Searched the lost and found
But, I couldn’t find the sound

The men I had previously admired
Stole my Love inspired
She split with those three
She chose them, she left me

Helter Skelter
Summer swelter
The sky came down
Crushing the town

The girl who sang the blues
She had NO happy news
Children screamed
Lovers cried, poets dreamed

Nothing will ever replace
That stricken look on his face
The man down at the sacred store
When learned what I was grieving for

In deafening silence
The cruelest kind of penance
Saw all the pain at once magnified
On the day the music died…


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