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Well, cats and kittens, I ❤ the Swamp Thing. This is too Cosmically cool not to share! It works on so many levels. The creators were ahead of their Time, indeed! Fantastique pen and ink!


‘I Gave Myself to You’ seems written for the Thing.


From the groovy-good blog Mars Will Send No More… Dig it… Like, wow!


Mars Will Send No More

“Rite of Spring” is one of our top ten favorite comic books of all time, easily. Psychedelic love in the swamp, baby! Yes! Where do we sign up?!

Abigail “Abby” Arcane and Swamp Thing declare their love for each other and find a unique way to consumate that love on the transcendent, spiritual level. This story also has some historical significance. It often receives credit for “launching the entire Vertigo line” at DC by boldly going off the Comics Code Authority label.

Collector’s Guide:
These black and white scans come from Essential Swamp Thing #15, which reprints the Saga of the Swamp Thing #34. The full-color version was reprinted in the Swamp Thing TPB #2.

We wanted to share this one with you for a long time, so we picked up that reprint for less than $2. Then, we pulled out the staples to capture every last line of…

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