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This ones goin’ out to my cousin, Freckles, because when I played it for her the first Time she just lit-up and said, “Uh, yeeeaaahhh!!!!!”

Uh, yeah.

I ❤❤❤❤❤ that kid, man. You would, too. She is the embodiment of the Groove, baby. Just a ❤-child. Good, kind, empathetic, friendly, feisty. Great smile. She’s got it goin’ on on a whole other level. She knows SO much Music! Holy 🐮!!!

This is one of THE best debut albums of all Time and Space, cats and kittens! The Pretenders from their 1979 debut album of the same name. HO-LY 🐮! How Precious!

Let’s Rock!


She ‘beat-up’ a bear of a guy who was pushing the crowd from behind at a Sam Roberts festival gig. The guy kept saying he didn’t do it. Finally, she turned around and shoved him. He disappeared.

Two nights later she was back at the fest. One of the rugby guys that does security recognised her.

“Hey. Aren’t you the girl who beat-up the guy pushing the crowd at Sam Roberts?”

“Uh, yeah. I am. Wow!”

“I saw him retreat and start texting. Let me shake your hand, girl! Way to go!”

He’d seen the WHOLE thing!

Freckles said he was probably texting his friends about what had happened.

I said, “Yeah. Right. He’s gonna text his friends to say that he just got beat-up by a girl, namely YOU? I don’t think so, girl.”

She and Frenchy let me stay at their place in Metropolis on weekends. I even have my own key. Frenchy makes the best spaghetti sauce ever. He’s always feeding us, taking care of us, dropping me off places so I don’t have to leave my car anywhere (I’ve NEVER had a drink and driven. You shouldn’t either.) and often picking me up so I don’t have to take a taxi. I mean, I ❤ taxis and drivers. It’s always a good way to end a night, hey? I don’t get to ride in taxis very often anymore living out in the Green.

Support your local Taxi Drivers! Don’t drink and drive!

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