Shucks, Baby, Really? Thanks!

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Shucks, baby, F-stop Fun nominated my blog for a Versatile Blogger Award? Like, what gives? Is there a rip in the fabric of Time and Space? I dunno? I’m looking. I haven’t found it yet but I’m sure it’s there. Positive…

Now where is it?

There it is!

No, wait…

No… No.

That’s not it…

It’s here somewhere…

I know it is.

F-stop is a talented photographer from Maryland. I especially liked the photographs of the disenfranchised, trees and fireworks. Check it out.


Hey, cats and kittens, in keeping with the Versatile Blogger Rules here’s 15 groovy-good blogs I highly recommend and follow for your consideration. Dig ’em:

Bird in Wind
Freetag Zone
Hold It Now
Hovercraft Doggy
Longbox Graveyard
Maggie Mae I Just Say This
Mars Will Send No More
The Playground
Poorly Drawn Bees
Radius of a Square
Rigel Ordinario
Sean Lynch
Urban Wall Art
Waking Spirals

There are plenty more great blogs to follow. These are but a sampling.

Thanks a bunch! Hope you have a great day! 💋

  1. Hey!!! Congratulations!
    And so much thanks for the nomination of Free Tag Zone … i know you like our pics!
    A new serie started yesterday “Les éboueurs” … funny little stuff
    Keep in touch
    Kind regards

  2. This blog is totally freakin gr00avi0us to the max, never have I experienced such gr00vability and delicious linkage on a blogity, for an equally gr00vy,

    FREAKIN FASCINATING Fingz, and stuffz, kindly follow and comment (I’m new but gr00vy, with calibrated contentual input)


  3. Yeah. You sound WAY groovy, baby! I’ll check it out. Stoked you dig my blog so much! 💋

  4. Thanks Dizzy. This was a nice ending to a great week: got to see my brother (he lives on the other side of the country), got Louis CK tickets and now this. You got a great blog here thanks again.

    • Your very welcome, Hold It Now. I ❤ your blog! It was my pleasure.

      Sounds like your having a great week! Louis CK, too? ❤ that guy.

      Hope you have a oodles of fun! 💋

  5. Congratulations Dizzy! U truly deserve it!!

    • Thanks, ROAS. Not so sure I deserve it, but, humbled none-the-less. It was a very nice thing for F-stop to do.

      Hope you had a great day! 💋

      • Ya, my day was pretty good.. slept thru.. it’s the weather’s fault.. It’s monsoon season here and it’s the time of the year when you sleep in and watch a butt load of TV 😀

      • Kinda like hibernating in winter, hey?

        Hope you had sweet dreams. 💋

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