Bloomin’ Shrooms!

In Fall, Groovy, Love, Magic, Mushrooms, Nature, Poetry, Seasons, Silly, Very Bad Poetry, Winter on August 29, 2012 at 7:47 pm



The shrooms are in bloom

That can only mean one thing:

The crescendo of colour

Is poised to enchant

And the white space

I dig most will follow

Soon after that



Uh, yeah.


  1. Thinking of You My Dear Dizzy! Hope you are feeling groovy. I like this photo! I will be heading off on the back of the bike tomorrow, up through the mountains. Will be back next week! I’ll be sending fresh mountain air vibes your way, breathe it all in and feel groovy! Loves Ya!!

    • Thanks a bunch! Was out scouting shrooms on the trails today with one of the neighbourhood kids. Groovy-good Time!

      Have a super-fantastique trip. Ride safe. Give my ❤ to G. ❤ ya! 💋

  2. I wanna pick up that mushroom so bad. It just looks like something that’d be fun to hold.

    • Hey Bees!

      It was a groovy one, indeed. It was on there SO sturdy and looked like it was pushing the bark apart! The bark was like that before the shroom started bloomin’. The trunk has fallen right across the trail at eye level so you just walk right up to it. One of my fave places on the trail, hey? Like a portal into another world or something?

      Really stoked that you like it! Hope you had a great day! 💋

  3. […] have learned I am very popular with a certain segment of the community? Who knew? The Shroom Scout girl‘s Aunty and folks told me? (They’re really fun to hang with. We laugh a lot.) I guess I […]

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