Welcome to WDIZ!

In Hey., Music, Rock, Silly, WDIZ! on September 1, 2012 at 1:51 pm


Oftentimes, I play Music within a context. Sometimes, I’d just like to play tunes I really like outside of those confines. I’ve decided to call these posts ‘WDIZ!’ Just yummy stuff I wanna spin for you, baby. Abstract tunes I really ❤❤❤❤❤ in general.

Think of it as a virtual WKRP in Cincinnati? Because that’s sort of how ‘Dizzy Yet?’ is panning out, hey? Like a virtual radio station? A little bit of everything? Admittedly, the weather and sports departments are lacking… Well, the weather department is rather atmospheric at present and sports are limited to the Stanley Cup Playoffs for the most part. Traffic is, well,… always trippy, hey?

And, yes, I DO really say things like cats and kittens, uh, yeah, groovy, baby, etc… in real life. I also hug and kiss everyone I possibly can. It’s just how I roll. Life is short. Let’s get it goin’ on, people.

So, hey?

How ’bout it?

Let’s Rock?

Uh, yeah?


Let’s Rock!

Welcome to WDIZ!, baby, where YOU put the YOU in ‘W’!

Yeow! Alright!

😜 lol

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