Scary Monsters

In David Bowie, frank black, Halloween, Monsters, Music, Rock, WDIZ! on October 17, 2012 at 12:24 am

Here’s Dave and frank black with the ONLY Scary Monsters WDIZ! could scare up! Scary! Mwah ha-ha ha-ha… ha… huh?

Scary monsters. Super creeps. Keeps me running. Running scared.


  1. absolutely kicking piece of bloody meat; the track was great anyway, this performance really hit a scare; Reeves Gabrels was top button straightdown, his screeches and lurches can sometimes be a bit histrionic but he was in his own paddling pool here; David Bowie: genius

    • Ooh. Glad you liked it. I just dig the mad licks of of that tune. The sound. It just drives hard, frenetically.

      Dave is…? Dave? Dave is my boyfriend. Like The ‘Steins, Ein and Franken. 😉 lol

      It’s one of my favourite songs. The album of which was part of the soundtrack to a debauched evening of my youth.

      Goes something like this… ahem… 😊

      Ran into a girl I went to school with at the bus terminal. She said, “Party down by the U, Dizz?” I said, “Sure, girl. *shrug*”

      They were very friendly and generous hosts. Psychedelicly FRIENDLY aaaaand GENEROUS! 😉 lol

      They were beautiful. I ❤ them. I have NO idea who they are or how to get back there. Such is the folly of youth.

      The vinyl hits the table. The needle drops. It’s No Game begins and the WHOLE house started spontaneously dancing, grooving in symbiotic unity. No kidding. It was f**cking beautiful, Lewis.

      Beautiful. Like, true ❤.

      We all just danced all night. All night. Groovy. It was SO groovy. Scary Monsters, both sides and on and on and on…

      All night.

      Then, for some reason I decided to step outside. The sun was coming up. Oops. We REALLY had been dancing all night.

      I asked someone for the Time. Twenty to seven? Hey? I can catch the bus home! Maybe no one will have noticed I didn’t come home?


      Hugs. “Goodbye. Thank you for such a wonderful Time.”

      The bus driver must have known something was up. He just smiled back and said, “‘Morning” when I hopped on and said, “Good morning.” Like, maybe he knew exactly what I’d been up to…? I was the only person on the bus that early on a Sunday way back when.

      It was one of the best, most spontaneously groovy experiences of my life. There’s been a few epics in all truth. But, that was a collective groove like none other. We all just fit together… perfectly!

      Hope you had a great day! 💋

      • one of your first full dizzy experiences; I think I can see you sitting about the middle of the bus, just the rumble of the vehicle and passing trees and a face staring through the window past your own reflection with a slightly fixed smile and silence;

        I stopped listening to Bowie closely after Scary Monsters and have only picked him back up in the last few years; everything after Tin Machine are like walnuts at Christmas – you need to spend some time cracking the shell, trying it from different angles otherwise you end up pinching your palm – but once cracked there is a real creamy nuttiness to enjoy; once I rediscovered the Bowie strain again, I could listen back to his intervening work (the 80s & Tin Machine) and still detect some texture and sky-reference which are transporting (even ‘dizzy’); btw (HA! I’ve used ‘text’!) do you know of http://bowiesongs.wordpress.com/ – excellent site digging through Bowie’s whole oeuvre

      • Do you know my bus driver? That’s exactly how it went, Lewis.

        I have many fond memories of my bus drivers growing up. One Time I’d missed the last full run and my driver still drove me all the way home before heading to the garage. Bus drivers. Men of the people, I say.

        In all honesty by this juncture I was a seasoned veteran of the psychedelic friendlies and spontaneity, Lewis. I mean, I am from Dr. Osmond’s Psychedelic Prairie, hey? 😊

        I owned Ziggy, Scary and Changes One. I had a friend with all his albums. Then, with my hearing… don’t know anything after ’87. Saw the Let’s Dance Tour.

        I ❤ the guy like mad. He’s friendly, funny, humble, personable and accommodating in interviews. And all-around great guy. He is magnanimous in his praise of fellow performers, in general, and Tina Turner, in particular. I ❤ everything about him. I just do, baby.

        My boyfriend and I had one of those 6′ posters of him and would say “Hey, Dave.” every Time we came home as did all our close friends and familiars. Dave was our roommate. 😋 lol

        And that’s quite the site, Lewis. Thanks a bunch for the link and your always appreciated comments.

        Hope you had a great day! 💋

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