In Deep Purple, Funky, Groovy, Music, Rock, WDIZ!, Winter on November 12, 2012 at 1:42 am

No doubt about it, cats and kittens, the Hush of winter is now upon us. I am as crazy in Love with everything about this tune as I am about winter that it blows my mind!

Time for some shades of the deepest, Deep Purpley, purple on this wintery night.

Whoa… Dig it… Just. Dig. It. Hush, baby. Hush.

  1. This reminds me. It’s almost time for my annual poem about my contempt for winter. 😛

    • Hey! I’ve got it! We could have a duelling winter tid-bits, Bees! You play the cons, I’ll play the pros…? Sounds like a silly-good Time to me! Right up both our alleys! Heck, yeah! Why not? *shrug* 😋 lol

      So, seeing as how I’m SO flakey “they” made me captain of the Snowflake Team (Shucks, yeah. Who knew? 😉 lol) I guess I should serve…? With…? Hmmmmm…?

      … Strategy…? Strategy…? *drums fingers*

      I’ll play the warm, fuzzy goodness that is the Bus Stop Huddle* against the frozen, dead car battery! Ha! Trump that, Bees! Trump that winter goodness! 😜 lol

      The harshness of winter is almost always the impetus for something greater, something beautiful, beautiful opportunities, hey? So, c’mon, Bees, glass half-full, glass half-full! *clap clap*

      Embrace it! Turn that frown upside down, baby! Get on with the ❤ing! It’s in short supply and we are burning daylight, dude! “Love. Love. They got it early in the mornin’. Love. Love. They got it late in the evenin’.” Whoa! Uh, yeah!

      *ahem* 😊


      Good grief. I sound like I’m trying to start a cult. *sigh* There’s worse things to be passionate about, one supposes…? *shrug* 😋 lol

      Hope you had an awesome long weekend, Bees! Carry on being yourself because winter or no, I do ❤ you so. I’m SO glad you’re my friend, kid! As you were. 💋💋💋

      * When a group of strangers engage in a spontaneous huddle or embrace whilst waiting at the bus stop in frigid temperatures. It’s some kinda beautiful, hey? 😋

  2. And my rebuttal is ready. 🙂

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