In Canadian, Love, Nature, Photography, Poetry, Seasons, Very Bad Poetry, Winter on November 12, 2012 at 1:43 am


She’s come hither

Come to stay

Until the Time

She’s gone again

Darling hush

Grasps the land

Fresh, crisp

Pure, clean

Sparkling white

Stardust dream


Blows my mind

When you call

My name

  1. This was the perfect start to my day, thanks.

  2. Beautiful, and yet so simple, I love it girl.

  3. very simple, minimal. i like it.
    but the simplicity doesnt hide the raw emotions it contains
    its innocence shines through, letting the reader feel the powerful emotions within the real meaning of the writer’s intentions 🙂
    very lovely

    • *blush*

      Shucks, thanks a bunch. Really.

      I ❤ her. Winter.

      Thanks so much for your REALLY nice comments and the reblog. Especially, since I am experiencing a bit of malaise about it, to be quite honest and frank.

      Hope you have an awesome weekend! 💋

  4. thats cool. ive never experienced winter, us being a tropical country. must be great to travel and play in snow 🙂

    • Hey. Where are you from?

      There’s all sorts of cool little things about winter: Identifying animal tracks, maple syrup, hoar frost, ice crystals, more hoar frost, weenie roasts, long nights, Northern Lights, coloured lights, monster blizzards, the way it brings people together, sound…

      I’ve yet to try, but apparently if you blow soap bubbles at -40°C they instantly turn into ice orbs? Who knew?! Watching the thermometer, boy. Can’t wait to give that a go.

      Sustained temperatures of -40°C or greater are the ONLY thing that will stop the Mountain Pine Beetle infestation currently decimating forests in Western Canada, too. They are mighty cute and mighty mighty. A formidable foe for whom you’ve gotta have the utmost respect. They are successful little creatures, holy cow. If they weren’t massacring forests I’d be their number one fan… Maybe, still am?

      Yep. Winter’s the coolest.❄

      The only thing you need to know is lotsa layers and keep moving… Otherwise…? You’re good to go! : )

      Hope you have a cool day! 💋

  5. Philippines 🙂
    i like cold, but i prefer HOT weather more hehe
    guess im used to local tropical weather -_-
    would love to experience snow though 😀

    • The Philippines are VERY hot!

      I can’t take the heat. 😊 I am a Lover of layers, coats, scarves, and boots. If it gets too cold you just “pile on many more layers (… and I’ll be joining you there…”) and get warm, but there’s only so much you can do to get cool, hey?

      I sure hope you get to experience snow one day, too. It’s different wherever you go. Super-nifty!💋

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