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Merry Christmas

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Hey. Merry Christmas, cats & kittens.

I ❤ you. I do.

I’ve been hanging out on Twitter. It’s like being able to hear really good for the first Time in 25 years, so I hope you can forgive my absence? It’s pretty hard to resist for a deaf girl who likes witty banter but can’t keep up in real life. You can find me there @TinDizzy.

Here’s Chrissy…


Have yourselves a merry, little Christmas now.


Instant Karma

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What in the world you thinking of laughing in the face of Love?

What on earth you tryin’ to do?

It’s up to you. Yeah, you…

Ad Astra per Ardua

John Winston/Ono Lennon

1940 – 1980


It’s up to us. Yeah, us.

We have to save the world, each other.

If not us, then who? Who? Who?

Don’t laugh in the face of Love, Love.


Trust me, darlin’.

Don’t let another day go by, my Love.


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Hold It Now on Harold and Maude!


Love can change your perspective. This is probably why vegetarians have the numbers they do. If you doubt this, date a vegetarian. When we fall in love, we hope it will be transformative. We hope our partner will not only open our eyes to new experiences but tear off the doors of perception. Only love can break your heart, and lift you up where you belong. Throughout history, a few love stories have made people want to leave red meat behind and embrace the new. Romeo and Juliet get all the attention but they were just shortsighted teenagers with poor decision making skills. If you are looking for a true love story; look no further than Hal Ashby’s Harold and Maude.

Harold ( Bud Cort) is a young man obsessed with death. Maude (Ruth Gordon) is an old woman full of life. Together they are a force to…

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I assure you this blog is still going strong!

Poorly Drawn Bees

I just got hit by writer’s block. This is rather odd, for there are many people who would claim that I not a writer by any meaning of the word. Then again those same people also compare me to a monkey with a typewriter. I know they’re wrong because I’m clearly using a computer and I haven’t thrown my poop at anybody in years (Months?).

Noting that the block was larger than a doorframe and not being able to recall anything regarding writer’s block destroying someone’s home I simply went back inside.

Whelp, I’m glad I got that over with.

Still lacking an idea for a story I drank two doses of Neo-Citran and nodded off. That stuff can give you some pretty messed up dreams. Unfortunately that night I just dreamt about a lot of split pea soup. Geysers and oceans of split pea soup. Interesting and all, but…

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Yo, motherfuckers, yo
Yo, baby
Oh, motherfuckers, oh
Oh, maybe

You set my world on fire
You rock me, baby
C’mon, baby, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, I’m hot like crazy

Let’s go, motherfuckers, go
Go, baby
Whoa, motherfuckers, whoa
Whoa, take me

You’re in my dreams at night
You stalk me, baby
C’mon, baby, help, help, help
Help, baby, Purple Hazy

Flow, motherfuckers, flow
Flow, baby
Glow, motherfuckers, glow
Glow like shady

You pull me out of Time
You tock me, baby
C’mon, baby, please, please, please
Please, not talkin’ maybe

To ‘n fro, motherfuckers, fro
Fro, baby
Rock ‘n roll, motherfuckers, roll
Roll, shape me

Like a yo-yo
Round the world
Flying saucer
I’m your girl

Let’s go
Oh, yeah.

Dead Winter Night

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Frigid silver
Glittering cold
Run through the door
Drop my coat to the floor
“He’s waiting for you…
He should be gone…
He’s waiting…
For you…”
Our yes meet with a song
It fills the air
“Who knows how long
I’ve Loved you…”
I will search eternity
Search the stars
Forever and forever
Always and a day
Because Time
With you, Love,
Shouldn’t end this way …
“… Will I wait
A lonely lifetime
If you want me to
I will…”
Then, my Love,
He just slipped away


Love you forever and forever…

As Astra per Ardua