In Sex, Very Bad Poetry, Yo-yos on December 1, 2012 at 9:00 pm


Yo, motherfuckers, yo
Yo, baby
Oh, motherfuckers, oh
Oh, maybe

You set my world on fire
You rock me, baby
C’mon, baby, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, I’m hot like crazy

Let’s go, motherfuckers, go
Go, baby
Whoa, motherfuckers, whoa
Whoa, take me

You’re in my dreams at night
You stalk me, baby
C’mon, baby, help, help, help
Help, baby, Purple Hazy

Flow, motherfuckers, flow
Flow, baby
Glow, motherfuckers, glow
Glow like shady

You pull me out of Time
You tock me, baby
C’mon, baby, please, please, please
Please, not talkin’ maybe

To ‘n fro, motherfuckers, fro
Fro, baby
Rock ‘n roll, motherfuckers, roll
Roll, shape me

Like a yo-yo
Round the world
Flying saucer
I’m your girl

Let’s go
Oh, yeah.


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