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Hey. Let the grooves begin. Fragile. Yes. Whoa, dig it, cats and kittens…

Heard this the other day. Couldn’t sit still — it’s hard not to sit still right now. Can’t get it out of my head. Don’t have much to say of late… So, let’s just dig some tunes, okay?

Groovy, groovy tune! Sure hope you like it.

Saw these guys in the round when I was 12. Crazy-good, baby! CRAZY!

Strawberry Fields Forever

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Psychedelic, cats and kittens. Strawberry Fields Forever…

This is an Ode to my Ford wagon, my trusty steed, Strawberry Fields (1991-2008). Had her 10 years. She bit the stardust. She was not ‘forever’. She is no more. Recycled her to be sure.

Fields, oh, Fields…

Fields and me. Me and fields. Batman and the Batmobile… The Lone Ranger and Silver… James T. and the Enterprise…

Fields and me…

Lady Madonna was my first. Strawberry Fields was second. Penny Lane was next, but, didn’t last. Now, I’ve got Jude and I’m holding fast. She’s the best ride yet and her stereo is a blast. 😉 lol


A Very Tongue-in-Cheek… Ode to Strawberry Fields

*Ahem 😊 La la la-la la… La!*

How do I ❤ thee
Let me count the ways
I ❤ed thine sparkly windows
With their wide open vantage
I ❤ed your substandard air conditioning system
Like no other hot girl ever
Before or since
Oh! How you sported bumper stickers
With style and grace
Making it effortless to find you
In any given place
Proclaiming for all to see
The ‘Jedi Mind Tricks’
Just, simply, would not work
On you or me
No one else got the law enforcement/physics one
No one, except for you
Because you’re the only one
Fields, it’s true…
And, somehow, your freckles of rust
Could only succeed
In enhancing your appearance
Never detracting from it…
Not for one instance
Like little beauty marks
Oh! How beautiful you are
Your lack of cruise control
Only convinced me
That unlike others
You were not a follower
But, a leader among steeds
And, you led me all the way
You led me to the Vet’s
To the grocer’s and the fair
You led across wintery scenes
Through green fields and clean air
You led, you led
From here to there
Then, you’d lead me home again
Just as safe as can be
So, as I say goodnight to you
I hang my teary head
You’re the best darned car
I ever did meet
And, I’m so sorry that you’re…


Traffic Jam

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Jude and me
From the green to the streets
The War Pigs as they are
Groovy-tough beat to beat

Jude and me
Really funking the Fame
Really be, really, babe
Too cool, but hot like a flame

Jude and me
Tripping lights fantastique
Layla joins us awhile
She’s so lovely, so unique

Jude and me
Cruising, floating along
Everything we hear
Another favourite song

Jude and me
Now Bumper to bumper
In Love with a traffic ‘jam’
Hey! Jack Flash, he’s the jumper

Jude and me
Steve and Joe Walk This Way
Ask us to Remember
A little kiss, like this, hey

Jude and me
The Green Arrow said, “Jet!”
We’ll go for a ride in the Sky
Little lady, Suffragette

Jude and me
The last signals seen
Slipping deep into cool mauve
Through the backlit tangerine

Jude and me
Keeping some Bad Company
’Like Making Love to the Sky
To the Purple Haze, baby

Jude and me
Pushing waves of ’Zepplin
As dusk’s mists start to creep
Green’s lush kiss welcomes us in

Jude and me
The Song Remains the Same
As we go slidin’ through
Infinity, glad we came

Yeah, Jude and me
We’re just right
’Round and ’round
Close and tight


Ummmmm, Jude is my car. 😊


Crosstown Traffic

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Once again, one of the grooviest cats to ever grace the Galaxy. I’m always looking for an excuse to play a little Jimmi, hey? Always. Meet ya on the next world, baby. 😉

orcanaoftime put this footage together of The Jimi Hendrix Experience walking through the streets of Paris in 1967. It’s pretty sweet.

Driving School

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I used to live in Metropolis. Never had much need of personal transportation. I was decidedly part of the Commuter Culture. Utilising public transit and taxis. When I was younger I hitchhiked the Galaxy sometimes, too. So, I came to driving later in life.

Then, I happened to acquire a car rather serendipitously. I decided I’d best attend driving school, being of a contentious nature.

Well, I passed in the classroom. All that was left was 10 hours of road instruction…

I met my instructor, Ralph, in the foyer of the Motor Association in bustling Central Metropolis. He was from Manchester. England. I am very familiar with British accents. Although, I hadn’t always been, I was now hearing impaired. He spoke at great volumes to accommodate me, being of a contentious nature himself. Rather boisterous, but, conscientious just the same. A true Mancunian, if there ever was.

He led me to our car.

“Get in!”, he barked in his accent.

“Check your vehicle!”

“Okay! Back ‘er out!”

“Turn ‘ere! There! ‘Ere!… There!”

“B-b-b-but… This is the BIG road…”, plaintively.

I hesitated…

It was. I’d travelled it many times but now it appeared GIGANTIC as far as I was concerned. Hadn’t really ever noticed before? It was four lanes of zooming rush hour commuter traffic. I’d NEVER actually driven a car before. No good could come of this. No. None.

None at all. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.

I can be somewhat naive and gullible at times, as well. I had foolishly believed that since I’d never ACTUALLY driven a car before we would just take a turn or two ’round the parking expanse the first time. Let me get a ‘feel’ for it?

Nope. Not so much…

“What are you waiting for!?! Go! Go! Go!”


I went. It was tense. I was tense. In-tense. Tense.

Oh, boy.

Then Ralph barks, “Blah. Blah-blah, blah blah-blah! BLAH!”

Oh. No.

Man, sometimes everything is just ‘Peanuts’, hey?!? 😜 lol

I couldn’t look at him to speech read. My eyes were glued to the road. I was not taking them off, either. No way. No how. Nuh-uh. Not. On. Your. Life.

“Pardon me?”

“Blah blah blah-blah!”


“Take a blah-blah!”

He couldn’t be saying what she thought he was saying, could he?

“Take a what?”

“A blah-blah!”

“A what?!?”

“A Valium!”

“A Valium?!?”


“I thought that was included in the price of the course.”

“No! You’ve! Got! To! Bring! Your! OWN!”

I got that! It was hysterical!

Then, some years later I saw the British version of ‘Death at a Funeral’. Did all British people pop Valium like Tic Tacs? I had NO idea! Or, was it just Ralph and the cast of ‘Death at a Funeral’?


Driving with Ralph for 10 hours turned out to be quite an adventure in itself. We shared many laughs, ‘Python’ moments, whilst we ironed out our communication quirks and all.

I got a ‘feel’ for it in the end. For driving. Driving School had been the best decision.

I ❤❤❤❤❤ driving.

I’ve never had a ticket.

True story.

Apropos Heart and Purple Haze

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Went to my cousin’s in Metropolis. Freckles and Frenchy. She’s a LOT like a willowy Ellie May. Really. He has an intoxicating accent. Really.

It was a great drive both ways. Caught all the lights. Drove home with the sun setting behind me. Like… Gasp… Crazy beautiful… Forwards and backwards! Then, the mist just starting to creep as I turned off the highway and got closer to the lake… Everything is SO green! ❤❤❤❤❤

Sigh… Sweet. Yeah. Heading into the mauve with the tangerine at my back.

It was such a moment I couldn’t stop and take a picture. I could only just flow with the Universe and the Music. The Sky. ‘Excuse me while I kiss the Sky!’ Sometimes you just can’t see it… Other times… It just kisses you full on the lips, hey?

Move over, Rover and let Jimmi take over, yeah, you know what I’m talkin’ about…

Listened to lots of music in my car. I ❤ to listen to music in my car. Holy 🐮!!! Ya know, shake it loose? I, ummmmm, ❤❤❤❤❤ my car, too. She is super practical and awesome. Hugs the road like nothing I’ve ever driven before. A GREAT winter car. So, it was a groovy, good drive.

But, I digress…

So, hey, cats and kittens, please dig two of the best, most rockingest girls ever! Just… EVER!