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Killer Queen

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As though pure white snow flashed and sparkled with the color of bright ruddy wine, and was overcome by this radiance.
~ Unknown, about opal

She was a Killer Queen… Guaranteed to blow your mind!


Therein lies the Universe

Blitzkrieg Bop

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Then there’s Goodie or the Good. We’ve been friends since we were teens. He works at the homeless mission in downtown Metropolis. He’s good. Through and through.

I ❤ that cat and that is that.

Hey ho, let’s go, bro! 💋

I Fink U Freeky

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P.S: I Fink U Freeky

This is one of the first new grooves I caught after upgrading my hearing at the end of January. They appeared on Dave and I thought: WHAT the heck are these cats doing on Letterman? Exceedingly weird* and wonderful. WAY. Hailing from South Africa Die Antwoord (Afrikaans for The Answer)…

I Fink You Freeky and I like you a lot, baby. Really. Really do.


* SO weird. I sure hope you dig it.

Sesame Street

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This ones goin’ out to you! Yeah. You. I ❤ You! Thanks a bunch for ever following my blog, liking my posts, or being my friend! It’s like Sesame Street here. Like a virtual neighbourhood where everyone belongs.

Thanks a bunch, as well, to the homies who put me up to the blog — chiefly Longbox Graveyard, the Good and Tigger. It would be an understatement to say I was skeptical. And… In all honesty… I only did it to prove them wrong. Uh, yeah. Shucks, baby, to get them off my back. Not that they were ever really ‘on’ it, but, the Good had been after me for years to do something like this. I would never dis’ any of them in any way and like to think of myself as flexible and accommodating.


“Hey, I tried. Wasn’t my bag. Sorry. But, thanks…”?

Not so much.

They were right. I was wrong.

Blame them. 😉 lol

Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street? Oh, wait! I’m here!

And just like *Bang!* and I’m your girl, hey? It’s WAY spectacular to get it on with so many beautiful, talented, eccentric, colourful, humorous, clever, kick-ass, groovy, egghead, (I’m not running out of superlatives here, people, I could go on… and on…) folks I’ve met through this silly blog which I didn’t even want to do, hey? It’s like a rainbow! Yeah. A rainbow. And, that, cats and kittens, is my favourite colour! Who knew? You’re. My. Favourite. Colour. Yeah, you.

I could just eat you up!



Brought to you by the numbers 2, 3 and 5 and the letters P, G and T. ❤ ya! 💋

Who Do You Love?

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What can I say about my girl, Tigger? We are, at once, polar opposites yet exactly the same? We are an unlikely pair to be certain. Or, maybe, SO unlikely we MUST be a pair. Like Venus + Mars. In all likelihood she is my most vocal and number one fan in life.

We used to be next-door neighbours. I’ve made a lot of good friends that way. I’m just a home-girl at ❤, hey?

So. Without further ado… goin’ out to my perennially surviving, Harley-riding, car-racing (legal, amateur), vintage sportscar-owning, truck-driving (like, BIG trucks), mild-mannered (sic) accountant, Gearhead* girlfriend…

Who Do You Love, girl? C’mon, who? 💋

We’ve been through the fire, man. Life has dealt us a lot of lemons. IS dealing us lemons. Aunty M has been dying in hospital since April. She is traveling in and out of Time. It’s something to behold — not in a good way.

We attended The Wall with Roger Waters together. Then, we just looked each other in the eyes at the exact same Time. Sang along. It was a ‘moment’. Shared. True. We’ve been there for every ‘turn’ either of us has had since we first met. I think we were written in the stars, or something. We’re kismet…

Sometimes the shit hits the fan so repeatedly, consistently without end you just wanna scream, hey?

It wears you down… And, then… your Love just turns grey…?

Somehow we’ve both survived (?). Black and blue. Bloody and scarred. I think she’s the toughest chick I’ve ever met. She, Dutchess and the kids say the same of me?

Nuh-uh. I’m a wimp.

One thing is for certain, cats and kittens, we are both resigned — determined? — to Kick it Out! Until we can’t anymore or it’s out of our systems. Damn straight. Dig my girls, please… Heart.


* I can tell you the make of my favourite cars, otherwise, I’m just down for colour. I’m WAY too dizzy for motorcycles and souped-up cars just blow my street cred, baby. 😉 lol

War Pigs

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This song has always made me think of Aunty V. She’s Stretch’s mum. She’s seen more gigs than a music reviewer. No kidding. She went to The Rock ’n Roll Hall of Fame for summer holidays! She’s a mild-mannered film stripper by day. Not THAT kind of film stripper, people! Think Printing/Graphic Arts!

Dig. War Pigs.

Bloody Well Right + Dancing Days

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I have two — count ’em, 2! — Rock ’n Roll Aunties. Let’s call them ‘X’ and ‘V’, shall we?

Aunty X lived with us when we were kids and introduced me to a lot of my favourite acts. There’s only 6 years between us. She is Freckles’ mum. She turned me on to Supertramp and Crime of The Century in 1977. There was just no lookin’ back after that, cats and kittens, if there even ever was.

She was Bloody Well Right, too…

This song always makes me think of her and summer nights on the prairie when we were kids, wild things. Dancing Days are here again as the summer evening flows…

Run Like Hell

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What can I say about my cousin, Stretch. He’s so mellow and sweet. Just an all-around groovy-good cat.

Hey, Handsome. This one’s for you, baby. Love checkin’ out hot chicks with you! 😉 lol


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This ones goin’ out to my cousin, Freckles, because when I played it for her the first Time she just lit-up and said, “Uh, yeeeaaahhh!!!!!”

Uh, yeah.

I ❤❤❤❤❤ that kid, man. You would, too. She is the embodiment of the Groove, baby. Just a ❤-child. Good, kind, empathetic, friendly, feisty. Great smile. She’s got it goin’ on on a whole other level. She knows SO much Music! Holy 🐮!!!

This is one of THE best debut albums of all Time and Space, cats and kittens! The Pretenders from their 1979 debut album of the same name. HO-LY 🐮! How Precious!

Let’s Rock!


She ‘beat-up’ a bear of a guy who was pushing the crowd from behind at a Sam Roberts festival gig. The guy kept saying he didn’t do it. Finally, she turned around and shoved him. He disappeared.

Two nights later she was back at the fest. One of the rugby guys that does security recognised her.

“Hey. Aren’t you the girl who beat-up the guy pushing the crowd at Sam Roberts?”

“Uh, yeah. I am. Wow!”

“I saw him retreat and start texting. Let me shake your hand, girl! Way to go!”

He’d seen the WHOLE thing!

Freckles said he was probably texting his friends about what had happened.

I said, “Yeah. Right. He’s gonna text his friends to say that he just got beat-up by a girl, namely YOU? I don’t think so, girl.”

She and Frenchy let me stay at their place in Metropolis on weekends. I even have my own key. Frenchy makes the best spaghetti sauce ever. He’s always feeding us, taking care of us, dropping me off places so I don’t have to leave my car anywhere (I’ve NEVER had a drink and driven. You shouldn’t either.) and often picking me up so I don’t have to take a taxi. I mean, I ❤ taxis and drivers. It’s always a good way to end a night, hey? I don’t get to ride in taxis very often anymore living out in the Green.

Support your local Taxi Drivers! Don’t drink and drive!

The Stand

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Jimmy gets three, because, well, he’s The Silver Surfer, dude. This is a groove I caught from him. The Stand by Canadian act Mother Mother… I hope you like it. They’re really cool… Jimmy is, too…

He’s Nothin’ But a Good Time. He’s really good at everything and possesses a sharp, uh, Poison wit. He’s kinda Magic, really… Karaoke, anyone? 😉 lol

A mutual fave of all Time and Space… You got it! Good Times, Bad Times! This one’s for the neighbours, baby! Yeah! Dig it!