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Like, Wow! Wipeout!

In Everyday People, Groovy, Hoodoo Gurus, Life, Love, Music, Musical portraits of my peeps and some grooves they've gifted me, Nifty, People, Places, Silly on July 22, 2012 at 5:58 pm

It had been a particularly hellish day, week. Who knew? It IS Hell Week, hey? From July 17-25th — but, sometimes it reverberates beyond. It’s been hell for a whole lotta folks… Heaps…

Stopped in to see Earl on the way back to the Green…

It’s always good to see Earl… Yeah.

Then, Earl’s gang settled my bill?

It was all rather a bit awkward at first. (I like it. Awkward. It’s always sweet and good. Genuine.) The Chef was just sort of hovering shyly, aimlessly? Asked if he couldn’t interest me in dessert — flanked just then by my girl and my waitress? Some berries and cream, maybe?

“No,” I’d said, “Thank you. The food was delicious, as always. But, I’d best be off. Things to do. I’ll just settle the bill, please? But, thanks.”

“No… It’s, it’s on us, on the… uh, house,” nodded the Chef magnanimously. The girls nodding in chorus.


“Yeah, really.”


“Yes. It’s okay.”

“Like, wow! Thanks!” I embraced them — it’s how I roll…

Wow! Just… shucks, baby, really? I had NO idea they liked me so much. I have NO idea why? I mean, I’m nice, yeah, but… NOT that nice! I AM polite, a consistent tipper…?

They all kissed me, too? All three of them? Sweeeeet! My girl, the Chef (Bonuuuuus!) and my lovely waitress (Ooh. An auburn Anne Hathaway with green eyes and the new short ‘do’, too. Who knew?)

I hadn’t met the Chef or my waitress before. Well, HAD seen the Chef before, but…

… ahem… 😊

It was, like, REALLY good! Great! Groovy! Groovy-good! Made me feel like a princess or something — in the best possible way. WAY! I ❤ them SO much! Holy 🐮!!!

Like, wow! 😍 Wipeout!

What a surprise! I am just ‘gone’ they were so spectacular. Gone. HO-LY 🐮!?! It was just crazy-beautiful. Super-fantastique! Big ❤! It was a groovy-yummy ❤-in. Not just the food. 😉 lol

I telephoned their boss when I got home. I guess, I should send a card. I mean, I am over the moon.

They just made my day! A day, a week that really needed making. All-in-all an unexpectedly pleasant respite from Hell Week. I must say.

Like, wow! Wipeout! No doubt!


So, hey… Here’s another silly ❤ song to get us through and pay tribute to the awesomeness that manifests with Earl’s gang… Give it up for the Hoodoo Gurus, cats and kittens!