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Run Like Hell

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What can I say about my cousin, Stretch. He’s so mellow and sweet. Just an all-around groovy-good cat.

Hey, Handsome. This one’s for you, baby. Love checkin’ out hot chicks with you! 😉 lol


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This ones goin’ out to my cousin, Freckles, because when I played it for her the first Time she just lit-up and said, “Uh, yeeeaaahhh!!!!!”

Uh, yeah.

I ❤❤❤❤❤ that kid, man. You would, too. She is the embodiment of the Groove, baby. Just a ❤-child. Good, kind, empathetic, friendly, feisty. Great smile. She’s got it goin’ on on a whole other level. She knows SO much Music! Holy 🐮!!!

This is one of THE best debut albums of all Time and Space, cats and kittens! The Pretenders from their 1979 debut album of the same name. HO-LY 🐮! How Precious!

Let’s Rock!


She ‘beat-up’ a bear of a guy who was pushing the crowd from behind at a Sam Roberts festival gig. The guy kept saying he didn’t do it. Finally, she turned around and shoved him. He disappeared.

Two nights later she was back at the fest. One of the rugby guys that does security recognised her.

“Hey. Aren’t you the girl who beat-up the guy pushing the crowd at Sam Roberts?”

“Uh, yeah. I am. Wow!”

“I saw him retreat and start texting. Let me shake your hand, girl! Way to go!”

He’d seen the WHOLE thing!

Freckles said he was probably texting his friends about what had happened.

I said, “Yeah. Right. He’s gonna text his friends to say that he just got beat-up by a girl, namely YOU? I don’t think so, girl.”

She and Frenchy let me stay at their place in Metropolis on weekends. I even have my own key. Frenchy makes the best spaghetti sauce ever. He’s always feeding us, taking care of us, dropping me off places so I don’t have to leave my car anywhere (I’ve NEVER had a drink and driven. You shouldn’t either.) and often picking me up so I don’t have to take a taxi. I mean, I ❤ taxis and drivers. It’s always a good way to end a night, hey? I don’t get to ride in taxis very often anymore living out in the Green.

Support your local Taxi Drivers! Don’t drink and drive!

The Stand

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Jimmy gets three, because, well, he’s The Silver Surfer, dude. This is a groove I caught from him. The Stand by Canadian act Mother Mother… I hope you like it. They’re really cool… Jimmy is, too…

He’s Nothin’ But a Good Time. He’s really good at everything and possesses a sharp, uh, Poison wit. He’s kinda Magic, really… Karaoke, anyone? 😉 lol

A mutual fave of all Time and Space… You got it! Good Times, Bad Times! This one’s for the neighbours, baby! Yeah! Dig it!

I’m Sexy and I Know It

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Another groove I’m catching courtesy of the ‘kids’. Sendin’ this one out to my boy, Bobby. He REALLY knows how to get the party started, cats and kittens… And how! Way silly-sexy, baby. 😉 lol

Fuck You!

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A new groove I’m catchin’ courtesy of my good, kind and smokin’ hot-beautiful Dutchess. You’d really dig her. I do. She is all that and more. Check out Cee’s all-funky, all-pink, all-girl, all-band, baby… 💋

Oh, yeah… and… 😉 lol


Everyday People

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I wanted to pay tribute to my good peeps. So here’s what I’ve decided to do. I’m going to do a series of musical portraits of the Everyday People that populate my life. The peeps I ❤❤❤❤❤. I ❤ them so much I want to introduce you to them. Some of you may have already met Earl’s gang in Like, Wow! Wipeout!

I don’t really like to talk about my homies or myself in great detail with people I don’t know. Every time I do I feel uncomfortable and awkward. Think this as a groovy-good way to share my ❤ with you. Count my blessings.

In doing so I’ve realised there are quite a lot. A lot of peeps. So, I think it will be a recurring category. Because, there’s all kinds of folks I’d like to pay tribute to through song and you never stop meeting new people, right?


The ‘kids‘ I roll with are just the greatest, most beautiful, cheekiest, grooviest gang you could ever find and they are mine. Mine? Like, wow! They’re my neighbours — not next door but… They’re the people that you meet when you’re walking down the street. I’ve known them all since they were kids. They grew up. We’d always been friends but I didn’t always hang and party with them. Kinda resisted. They insisted. There’s eight of them — not including their kids. So, we won’t be getting to them all at once. All I can say is I ❤ them madly. Big. Big. Love.

I know some stellar people! Like, wow! And how!

So. Let’s get this ❤-in started with Sly and the Family Stone, baby. Funking dig it! Dig. It. Dig the ALL colours! Dig all the ❤! Dig all the Everyday People! This is the way it should be, could be, baby. Everyone together. Like Sesame Street! Dance to the Music!


The Magic Tree

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Alone here

In the secret garden

Heavy, sickly heat

My snowflake gown


A cool breeze

Just now

Consoles me

I feel him


I see him

Walk on by

Dripping with dread

Clad in Red


He stands now


The Magic Tree

Crashing cymbals


Anguished screams

“Where are you, my Love?!?

Where, my Everything?!?

Why hast thou forsaken me?!?”

The first stoic man in Blue


Striding through

“Blue Man,

The man clad in Red,

Full of dread

Is this the one

You seek?

Be gentle

He has lost

Is lost


He is crying


You will find him


The Magic Tree…”

Blue stoic

Growing empathy


For Red’s sorrow

I see the Tree

Is not as Magic

As I hoped

It could be

For, surely,

If it were


There would be


The Blue men

Gently shepherd

The Red man


I must

Make haste

Of this place

Tout suite

The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters

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The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters, Fransico Goya


The ‘Joker’ is a tortured soul?

This is REALLY bad.

He looks really afraid and bewildered — no doubt heavily medicated — to me? There’s something in his ‘ness’? He doesn’t know what’s going on anymore than the rest of us? He’s broken?

The ‘monster’ show isn’t materialising for me, yet again. Vilifying this young man will not serve us well. No. Not at all. He needs help. We need help. This is a monstrous scenario. Our society — all of us — are implicated here. We’d best step-up.

Maybe there are few real ‘monsters’, only monstrous scenarios? What if they’re all just sad, pathetic, broken people? Broken beyond reason, comprehension?

Who broke them so badly? Who? What? Where? When? Why? How?


The help being offered many is no help at at all, Batman? Someone should have seen this coming? It would seem those who did stood idly by?


They chose to do nothing. Then said, “Oh, we knew something was wrong.” They let him down. They let us down. They let everyone die. Don’t make he same choice they made. If you choose not to decide you still have made a choice. Don’t be indifferent. It doesn’t look good on you, baby…

And… Everyone is destroyed. Just. Like. That.

The victims. The kid. The psychiatrist. Their communities… The Batman. It’s ripples reverberate ever outward. All because no one acted to help the boy. Maybe they even helped push him over the edge? I dunno? I think someone, something did.

The sleep of reason produces monsters. Let us try to understand this boy, this tragedy as best we can. Try to heal it and each other. Lest we become the monsters we fear so ourselves.

We can do better than this. We must.

Sleepers just stop sleepin’

We’re burning daylight.


Black Liquorice

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Jackson Pollock, Number 8, 1951, Black Flowing


Iron Maiden’s inferno

Emerging fireworks

Another midnight

Midway on the Midway

An illustrated man appears

Black scribbles

Collective erotica

Licking his skin

Rough yet smooth


Phallic Sharpie

Liquorice nipples

Hard but soft

I taste them

Bite them

Devour them

Consume their salt

Mark his chest

Cacophonies of sound

Kaleidoscopes of colour

Burning rapture

Conflagration in the night


Like, Wow! Wipeout!

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It had been a particularly hellish day, week. Who knew? It IS Hell Week, hey? From July 17-25th — but, sometimes it reverberates beyond. It’s been hell for a whole lotta folks… Heaps…

Stopped in to see Earl on the way back to the Green…

It’s always good to see Earl… Yeah.

Then, Earl’s gang settled my bill?

It was all rather a bit awkward at first. (I like it. Awkward. It’s always sweet and good. Genuine.) The Chef was just sort of hovering shyly, aimlessly? Asked if he couldn’t interest me in dessert — flanked just then by my girl and my waitress? Some berries and cream, maybe?

“No,” I’d said, “Thank you. The food was delicious, as always. But, I’d best be off. Things to do. I’ll just settle the bill, please? But, thanks.”

“No… It’s, it’s on us, on the… uh, house,” nodded the Chef magnanimously. The girls nodding in chorus.


“Yeah, really.”


“Yes. It’s okay.”

“Like, wow! Thanks!” I embraced them — it’s how I roll…

Wow! Just… shucks, baby, really? I had NO idea they liked me so much. I have NO idea why? I mean, I’m nice, yeah, but… NOT that nice! I AM polite, a consistent tipper…?

They all kissed me, too? All three of them? Sweeeeet! My girl, the Chef (Bonuuuuus!) and my lovely waitress (Ooh. An auburn Anne Hathaway with green eyes and the new short ‘do’, too. Who knew?)

I hadn’t met the Chef or my waitress before. Well, HAD seen the Chef before, but…

… ahem… 😊

It was, like, REALLY good! Great! Groovy! Groovy-good! Made me feel like a princess or something — in the best possible way. WAY! I ❤ them SO much! Holy 🐮!!!

Like, wow! 😍 Wipeout!

What a surprise! I am just ‘gone’ they were so spectacular. Gone. HO-LY 🐮!?! It was just crazy-beautiful. Super-fantastique! Big ❤! It was a groovy-yummy ❤-in. Not just the food. 😉 lol

I telephoned their boss when I got home. I guess, I should send a card. I mean, I am over the moon.

They just made my day! A day, a week that really needed making. All-in-all an unexpectedly pleasant respite from Hell Week. I must say.

Like, wow! Wipeout! No doubt!


So, hey… Here’s another silly ❤ song to get us through and pay tribute to the awesomeness that manifests with Earl’s gang… Give it up for the Hoodoo Gurus, cats and kittens!