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Do You Wanna Dance?

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Kitties gettin’ down and gettin’ funky


I do not know if this is shopped.

But I do not know quite a lot.

Quite frankly, I just do not care.

It makes me laugh from here to there.

Hey?! Do You Wanna Dance, cats?

Drop the Puck!

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I say, c’mon, already!

What the fuck?

Chop chop!

Let’s drop the puck!



Could we just drop the puck already?

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Before What?

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Mad Monster Party by Frank Frazetta.


There’s a big Halloween concert/party in Metropolis the night before Jimmy and Dutchess’…

*ring ring*


“Hey, Dizz. You get a ticket?”

“Damn straight.”

“Awesome! You’re coming!”

“So, yeah? The WHOLE weekend before. Should be fun. Sure hope I’m up for it.”

“Before what?”

“Before Halloween?”

“What’s before Halloween?”

“The, ummmmm, weekend? Of the parties?”

“O-o-o-o-oh… Of course.”

*burst of laughter*

*rim shot*




And so it goes… We laugh SO hard. She laughs SO hard at herself. I at me. Us at each other. Dutchess is the same way. Can’t take yourself too ‘Sirius-ly’, hey?

I know Freckles is a wee bit obtuse at Times — I am, too — but we’ve really got it goin’ on on a whole other level, baby! Honest we do. I find great humour in it. I do. 😉 lol


I Wouldn’t Want to be Like You

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Yo, Evil! How do you like the business end of MY Alan Arsons Project, baby? Dig. 😉

Hey, cats and kittens, welcome to the inaugural WDIZ! Dance Rally! Yay!

Here to give us a funky, kick-ass start is The Allan Parsons Project with 1977’s I Wouldn’t Want to be Like You off their album I, Robot.

I ❤❤❤❤❤ this song. The tolling, quiet, beating scarcity of the introduction builds into a percussion crescendo, which collides with the fullness of the rhythm section. And… Uh, yeah! It’s just SO groovy and funky! Killer, dirty bass line. Funky riff. It all just flows. It’s tied up all nice and tight at the end, too. A fave of all Time and Space. You can’t help but dance and groove. That’s actually the challenge, baby. Uh, yeah. I’m challenging you to funk your ass off to give Evil a run for his money!






Oh! And Scott sends his regards…

Ready? Dance Rally! Let’s show Evil exactly what kinda Sirius-ly stern, groovy-good shit we’re made of. And how! Now… DANCE! 😜 lol

When is it?

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*ring ring*


“Hey, Freckles.”

“What’s up?”

“Jimmy and Dutchess wanted me to remind you and Frenchy that you’re invited to their Halloween party. They started decorating a week and a half ago. They won’t let anyone into the basement. “Decorating”. Uh, yeah. Right. I think they’ve got a Meth lab goin’ on down there, Freckles! Ha ha ha… But, anyway… you’re invited!”

“When is it?”

“Ummmmm, Halloween?”

*rim shot*



Chip & Dale

In Comic Relief, Life, Nifty, Silly on September 11, 2012 at 12:31 am


Dutchess and I are a bit like Chip and Dale, hey? Do you know the “after you” routine? “After you.” “Oh, no. After you.” Back and forth. On and on. ’Round and ’round.

So. We decide we’re going to grab a bite on Friday night.

“Where do you wanna go?” I ask.

“I don’t care.”

“Well, me niether… sooooo… Anyplace you wanna go is cool with me. Really. Anyplace.”

“Well, I dunno. Where would you wanna go?”

“I’m easy.” *shrug*

“Me, too.” *shrug*

“You know there’s a lotta folks who would relish he opportunity to call all the shots, girl.”

“YEAH?!” Looking at me like: cuts both ways here.

😄😃😄😃😄 roflol

I fear we’re both easy-going to detriment. Agreeable to a fault.

I mean, we’re pathetic. Just… man!

And apparently I’m creepy because I wink all the time in real life? Who knew? 😉 lol

Good grief.

We had a lot of fun.


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Hey, cats and kittens, welcome to WDIZ! where the Music is always in orbit and the stars always shine! Sirius-ly rockin’ you from the Milky Way at the speed of sound, baby!

So, hey? Let’s ‘star‘ things off from the Dark Side of The Moon with a little Eclipse.


It goes without saying this album is a Time/Space fave, right? 😉

Welcome to WDIZ!

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Oftentimes, I play Music within a context. Sometimes, I’d just like to play tunes I really like outside of those confines. I’ve decided to call these posts ‘WDIZ!’ Just yummy stuff I wanna spin for you, baby. Abstract tunes I really ❤❤❤❤❤ in general.

Think of it as a virtual WKRP in Cincinnati? Because that’s sort of how ‘Dizzy Yet?’ is panning out, hey? Like a virtual radio station? A little bit of everything? Admittedly, the weather and sports departments are lacking… Well, the weather department is rather atmospheric at present and sports are limited to the Stanley Cup Playoffs for the most part. Traffic is, well,… always trippy, hey?

And, yes, I DO really say things like cats and kittens, uh, yeah, groovy, baby, etc… in real life. I also hug and kiss everyone I possibly can. It’s just how I roll. Life is short. Let’s get it goin’ on, people.

So, hey?

How ’bout it?

Let’s Rock?

Uh, yeah?


Let’s Rock!

Welcome to WDIZ!, baby, where YOU put the YOU in ‘W’!

Yeow! Alright!

😜 lol

Holy Maple Syrup, Batman!

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You heard it here first, cats and kittens. The Vermont Maple Syrup Mafia is suspected in an audacious heist that has hit rival Québec ‘familia’ right where it hurts, I’ll tell ya. In a gutsy midnight blitz Vermonti commandos made off with an estimated $30 million CDN worth of Maple syrup! That’s 15,000 oil drums of the sweet stuff, kids. A very sticky situation, indeed.

Uh, yeah. No kidding. This is just hilarious!

So, hey? Does anyone know where I could unload a little surplus Maple syrup that I — just coincidentally — happen to be in possession of? 😉 lol

15,000 oil drums one drip at a Time

Bloomin’ Shrooms!

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The shrooms are in bloom

That can only mean one thing:

The crescendo of colour

Is poised to enchant

And the white space

I dig most will follow

Soon after that



Uh, yeah.