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Sesame Street

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This ones goin’ out to you! Yeah. You. I ❤ You! Thanks a bunch for ever following my blog, liking my posts, or being my friend! It’s like Sesame Street here. Like a virtual neighbourhood where everyone belongs.

Thanks a bunch, as well, to the homies who put me up to the blog — chiefly Longbox Graveyard, the Good and Tigger. It would be an understatement to say I was skeptical. And… In all honesty… I only did it to prove them wrong. Uh, yeah. Shucks, baby, to get them off my back. Not that they were ever really ‘on’ it, but, the Good had been after me for years to do something like this. I would never dis’ any of them in any way and like to think of myself as flexible and accommodating.


“Hey, I tried. Wasn’t my bag. Sorry. But, thanks…”?

Not so much.

They were right. I was wrong.

Blame them. 😉 lol

Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street? Oh, wait! I’m here!

And just like *Bang!* and I’m your girl, hey? It’s WAY spectacular to get it on with so many beautiful, talented, eccentric, colourful, humorous, clever, kick-ass, groovy, egghead, (I’m not running out of superlatives here, people, I could go on… and on…) folks I’ve met through this silly blog which I didn’t even want to do, hey? It’s like a rainbow! Yeah. A rainbow. And, that, cats and kittens, is my favourite colour! Who knew? You’re. My. Favourite. Colour. Yeah, you.

I could just eat you up!



Brought to you by the numbers 2, 3 and 5 and the letters P, G and T. ❤ ya! 💋

Shucks, Baby, Really? Thanks!

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Shucks, baby, F-stop Fun nominated my blog for a Versatile Blogger Award? Like, what gives? Is there a rip in the fabric of Time and Space? I dunno? I’m looking. I haven’t found it yet but I’m sure it’s there. Positive…

Now where is it?

There it is!

No, wait…

No… No.

That’s not it…

It’s here somewhere…

I know it is.

F-stop is a talented photographer from Maryland. I especially liked the photographs of the disenfranchised, trees and fireworks. Check it out.


Hey, cats and kittens, in keeping with the Versatile Blogger Rules here’s 15 groovy-good blogs I highly recommend and follow for your consideration. Dig ’em:

• Bird in Wind
• Freetag Zone
• Hold It Now
• Hovercraft Doggy
• Longbox Graveyard
• Maggie Mae I Just Say This
• Mars Will Send No More
• Mindsurfers
• The Playground
• Poorly Drawn Bees
• Radius of a Square
• Rigel Ordinario
• Sean Lynch
• Urban Wall Art
• Waking Spirals

There are plenty more great blogs to follow. These are but a sampling.

Thanks a bunch! Hope you have a great day! 💋

I’m Sexy and I Know It

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Another groove I’m catching courtesy of the ‘kids’. Sendin’ this one out to my boy, Bobby. He REALLY knows how to get the party started, cats and kittens… And how! Way silly-sexy, baby. 😉 lol

Italian Parliament vs British Parliament + How To Say ‘Good Luck’ in Italy

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The Montréal Just for Laughs Comedy Festival is the preeminent comedy event on the planet. THE planet, cats and kittens. No kidding. It’s by invitation only. It airs on the CBC weekly. Check it out if you can. Lewis Black is a regular — another fave. Anyone who is anyone cut their comic chops there: Greg Giraldo, Ellen, Seinfeld, Russell Brand…


Danny Bhoy is one of the silliest people alive and fave of all Time and Space. Discussing a pet topic of mine — you guessed it! — parliamentary systems! 😜 roflol Who knew? Everybody, standup! Comedy…

… On televangelists, the Scottish diet, breakfast foods…

… and bagpipes!


I couldn’t pick just one routine. Really. I’m a big fan. There’s heaps more, too, on YouTube. Hope you like him and he gives you a good chuckle. There will be more appearances here by comics in the future.

I ❤❤❤❤❤ standup. Just for Laughs in particular.

Couldn’t find the Lewis Black routine where he asks Canada to, “Please, invade my country!”. He’s got SO many great routines.


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Anyone else have these silly, euphoric moments where Life and Music — especially the Beatles — consort in perfect synchronicity? I’ve had a quite few. This is one. The first one. It’s a James Bond (Austin Powers?) moment, too…


I was waiting at a bus terminal to transfer and listening to my cassette Walkman when I was younger, so much younger than today.

Bus arrives. Everyone queues. I’m an ‘after you’ kind of girl. So, I bring up the rear.

Mix-tape ends. Flip it. Press play. Look up. Everyone’s on? The driver is waiting on me. Smiling at me.

Oops! Sorry, dude!

Make to step up.

The moment my foot touches the stair the James Bond Theme intro to Help! by the Beatles starts!

Bah! Bah! Bah!

He-e-e-e-ey. Alright.

“Do-do do do-do-do do-do do…”

I smile. Suppress laughter. Flash my pass. Wink. Nod.

Bond, Jane Bond.

The driver smiles back at me just as large? Can he can hear it, too, I wonder?

Wade down the aisle…

“Do-do-do do-do do-do-do…”

Size up all possible threats as I go. Double Agents? Assassins? No?

“Bah! Bah! Bah!”

Everyone smiled back? So? It’s all good. I’m clear. Haven’t been ‘made’.

“Bah! Bah! Bah!”

I plunk down into an available seat toward the back at the exact moment the Lads shout…

“Help! I need somebody!”

Whoa! It was just getting way too Cosmic! WAY.

“Help! Not just anybody!”

I burst out laughing! I just couldn’t ‘help’ it!

“Help! You know I need someone!”

It was an entirely impeccable coincidence!


Perfect!!! Groovy-good! Holy 🐮!!!

Felt like I was in a Bond movie, — or, the as yet to be created: The Spy Who Shagged Me? A silly spy musical with the Lads?

Sometimes, when I’m feeling extra silly and cheeky I introduce myself as ‘Bond. Jane Bond’ because of that.

I ❤❤❤❤❤ it when the canvases of Life and Music harmonise at once in flawless synergy. Très bien ensemble. Beautiful.

Hey, cats and kittens, here’s some Help!

Like, Wow! Wipeout!

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It had been a particularly hellish day, week. Who knew? It IS Hell Week, hey? From July 17-25th — but, sometimes it reverberates beyond. It’s been hell for a whole lotta folks… Heaps…

Stopped in to see Earl on the way back to the Green…

It’s always good to see Earl… Yeah.

Then, Earl’s gang settled my bill?

It was all rather a bit awkward at first. (I like it. Awkward. It’s always sweet and good. Genuine.) The Chef was just sort of hovering shyly, aimlessly? Asked if he couldn’t interest me in dessert — flanked just then by my girl and my waitress? Some berries and cream, maybe?

“No,” I’d said, “Thank you. The food was delicious, as always. But, I’d best be off. Things to do. I’ll just settle the bill, please? But, thanks.”

“No… It’s, it’s on us, on the… uh, house,” nodded the Chef magnanimously. The girls nodding in chorus.


“Yeah, really.”


“Yes. It’s okay.”

“Like, wow! Thanks!” I embraced them — it’s how I roll…

Wow! Just… shucks, baby, really? I had NO idea they liked me so much. I have NO idea why? I mean, I’m nice, yeah, but… NOT that nice! I AM polite, a consistent tipper…?

They all kissed me, too? All three of them? Sweeeeet! My girl, the Chef (Bonuuuuus!) and my lovely waitress (Ooh. An auburn Anne Hathaway with green eyes and the new short ‘do’, too. Who knew?)

I hadn’t met the Chef or my waitress before. Well, HAD seen the Chef before, but…

… ahem… 😊

It was, like, REALLY good! Great! Groovy! Groovy-good! Made me feel like a princess or something — in the best possible way. WAY! I ❤ them SO much! Holy 🐮!!!

Like, wow! 😍 Wipeout!

What a surprise! I am just ‘gone’ they were so spectacular. Gone. HO-LY 🐮!?! It was just crazy-beautiful. Super-fantastique! Big ❤! It was a groovy-yummy ❤-in. Not just the food. 😉 lol

I telephoned their boss when I got home. I guess, I should send a card. I mean, I am over the moon.

They just made my day! A day, a week that really needed making. All-in-all an unexpectedly pleasant respite from Hell Week. I must say.

Like, wow! Wipeout! No doubt!


So, hey… Here’s another silly ❤ song to get us through and pay tribute to the awesomeness that manifests with Earl’s gang… Give it up for the Hoodoo Gurus, cats and kittens!

Strawberry Fields Forever

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Psychedelic, cats and kittens. Strawberry Fields Forever…

This is an Ode to my Ford wagon, my trusty steed, Strawberry Fields (1991-2008). Had her 10 years. She bit the stardust. She was not ‘forever’. She is no more. Recycled her to be sure.

Fields, oh, Fields…

Fields and me. Me and fields. Batman and the Batmobile… The Lone Ranger and Silver… James T. and the Enterprise…

Fields and me…

Lady Madonna was my first. Strawberry Fields was second. Penny Lane was next, but, didn’t last. Now, I’ve got Jude and I’m holding fast. She’s the best ride yet and her stereo is a blast. 😉 lol


A Very Tongue-in-Cheek… Ode to Strawberry Fields

*Ahem 😊 La la la-la la… La!*

How do I ❤ thee
Let me count the ways
I ❤ed thine sparkly windows
With their wide open vantage
I ❤ed your substandard air conditioning system
Like no other hot girl ever
Before or since
Oh! How you sported bumper stickers
With style and grace
Making it effortless to find you
In any given place
Proclaiming for all to see
The ‘Jedi Mind Tricks’
Just, simply, would not work
On you or me
No one else got the law enforcement/physics one
No one, except for you
Because you’re the only one
Fields, it’s true…
And, somehow, your freckles of rust
Could only succeed
In enhancing your appearance
Never detracting from it…
Not for one instance
Like little beauty marks
Oh! How beautiful you are
Your lack of cruise control
Only convinced me
That unlike others
You were not a follower
But, a leader among steeds
And, you led me all the way
You led me to the Vet’s
To the grocer’s and the fair
You led across wintery scenes
Through green fields and clean air
You led, you led
From here to there
Then, you’d lead me home again
Just as safe as can be
So, as I say goodnight to you
I hang my teary head
You’re the best darned car
I ever did meet
And, I’m so sorry that you’re…


Traffic Jam

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Jude and me
From the green to the streets
The War Pigs as they are
Groovy-tough beat to beat

Jude and me
Really funking the Fame
Really be, really, babe
Too cool, but hot like a flame

Jude and me
Tripping lights fantastique
Layla joins us awhile
She’s so lovely, so unique

Jude and me
Cruising, floating along
Everything we hear
Another favourite song

Jude and me
Now Bumper to bumper
In Love with a traffic ‘jam’
Hey! Jack Flash, he’s the jumper

Jude and me
Steve and Joe Walk This Way
Ask us to Remember
A little kiss, like this, hey

Jude and me
The Green Arrow said, “Jet!”
We’ll go for a ride in the Sky
Little lady, Suffragette

Jude and me
The last signals seen
Slipping deep into cool mauve
Through the backlit tangerine

Jude and me
Keeping some Bad Company
’Like Making Love to the Sky
To the Purple Haze, baby

Jude and me
Pushing waves of ’Zepplin
As dusk’s mists start to creep
Green’s lush kiss welcomes us in

Jude and me
The Song Remains the Same
As we go slidin’ through
Infinity, glad we came

Yeah, Jude and me
We’re just right
’Round and ’round
Close and tight


Ummmmm, Jude is my car. 😊


Awwwww, Shucks, Baby, Ya Think?

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It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll

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Hey, Sailor. 😉 Happy belated 5-0. 💋

Dig the bubbles? Sea foam, perhaps? 😉 lol