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The Wheel of the Year

In Hey., Wheel of the Year on October 13, 2012 at 12:56 pm


I have learned I am very popular with a certain segment of the community? Who knew? The Shroom Scout girl‘s Aunty and folks told me? (They’re really fun to hang with. We laugh a lot.) I guess I know everyone, too? Hmmmmm? Funny how differently people see you from how you see yourself?

It’s like the Wheel of the Year out here whether peeps know it or not. Lots of visiting goes on right now from Mabon leading up to Samhain and Celtic New Year. (I think more so this year because of our longtime friend and neighbour Rosie’s sudden death on the 24th. Went to bed. Woke up dead. As good a death as deaths go but we’re all clinging pretty tight in this little hamlet right now. I live in an hamlet: to be or not to be…)

The Wheel makes sense to me because it’s about nature and the ebbs and flows, the rhythms of the seasons, the year, the Universe. I can see it working all around me. I do not ascribe to the sentient Gods, although, I do see them in the context of forces of nature…


There’s NO end to things I need to accomplish before the 31st. I need to find something for Operation Secret Santa, too. Haven’t found anything good yet. Scout’s peeps guessed I’m the Secret Santa, too. Shoot. Outta the blue, “Hey! It was YOU wasn’t it?!” Man. I was blindsided. “Ummmmm… what was me? 😊” “It WAS you!”


Uh-oh. Busted!

More on Operation Secret Santa another Time. It’s really fun! Funny, too.

Gotta jet.

Hope you have a great day! I ❤ you! Don’t EVER doubt it.