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Who Do You Love?

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What can I say about my girl, Tigger? We are, at once, polar opposites yet exactly the same? We are an unlikely pair to be certain. Or, maybe, SO unlikely we MUST be a pair. Like Venus + Mars. In all likelihood she is my most vocal and number one fan in life.

We used to be next-door neighbours. I’ve made a lot of good friends that way. I’m just a home-girl at ❤, hey?

So. Without further ado… goin’ out to my perennially surviving, Harley-riding, car-racing (legal, amateur), vintage sportscar-owning, truck-driving (like, BIG trucks), mild-mannered (sic) accountant, Gearhead* girlfriend…

Who Do You Love, girl? C’mon, who? 💋

We’ve been through the fire, man. Life has dealt us a lot of lemons. IS dealing us lemons. Aunty M has been dying in hospital since April. She is traveling in and out of Time. It’s something to behold — not in a good way.

We attended The Wall with Roger Waters together. Then, we just looked each other in the eyes at the exact same Time. Sang along. It was a ‘moment’. Shared. True. We’ve been there for every ‘turn’ either of us has had since we first met. I think we were written in the stars, or something. We’re kismet…

Sometimes the shit hits the fan so repeatedly, consistently without end you just wanna scream, hey?

It wears you down… And, then… your Love just turns grey…?

Somehow we’ve both survived (?). Black and blue. Bloody and scarred. I think she’s the toughest chick I’ve ever met. She, Dutchess and the kids say the same of me?

Nuh-uh. I’m a wimp.

One thing is for certain, cats and kittens, we are both resigned — determined? — to Kick it Out! Until we can’t anymore or it’s out of our systems. Damn straight. Dig my girls, please… Heart.


* I can tell you the make of my favourite cars, otherwise, I’m just down for colour. I’m WAY too dizzy for motorcycles and souped-up cars just blow my street cred, baby. 😉 lol