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The Great Song of Indifference

In Bob Geldof KBE, Politics, Protest Songs, Syria, Ugh on July 24, 2012 at 12:21 am


What gives with Syria? Maybe if they had as much black gold as Libya someone would have intervened by now? Ya think? Or was the Libya ‘thing’ just a personal grudge-match masquerading as liberation? Hey, I’m not a fan of Gadhafi’s work, either. Just sayin’, is all…

What gives? Why has this scenario been allowed to deteriorate to such a degree? I mean, do I have to ask? Will someone please make it stop? Please?

They’re killing people indiscriminately. They have been for quite some time. They’ve proven they won’t stop. Can’t?

Please, make them stop…? Now. Right now…

Or have we become that indifferent…?