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Italian Parliament vs British Parliament + How To Say ‘Good Luck’ in Italy

In Comic Relief, Comics, Danny Bhoy, Just For Laughs Montreal, Lewis Black, Nifty, Silly, Standup, Westminster Parliamentary System on August 10, 2012 at 7:49 pm

The MontrΓ©al Just for Laughs Comedy Festival is the preeminent comedy event on the planet. THE planet, cats and kittens. No kidding. It’s by invitation only. It airs on the CBC weekly. Check it out if you can. Lewis Black is a regular β€” another fave. Anyone who is anyone cut their comic chops there: Greg Giraldo, Ellen, Seinfeld, Russell Brand…


Danny Bhoy is one of the silliest people alive and fave of all Time and Space. Discussing a pet topic of mine β€” you guessed it! β€” parliamentary systems! 😜 roflol Who knew? Everybody, standup! Comedy…

… On televangelists, the Scottish diet, breakfast foods…

… and bagpipes!


I couldn’t pick just one routine. Really. I’m a big fan. There’s heaps more, too, on YouTube. Hope you like him and he gives you a good chuckle. There will be more appearances here by comics in the future.

I ❀❀❀❀❀ standup. Just for Laughs in particular.

Couldn’t find the Lewis Black routine where he asks Canada to, “Please, invade my country!”. He’s got SO many great routines.