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Yo, motherfuckers, yo
Yo, baby
Oh, motherfuckers, oh
Oh, maybe

You set my world on fire
You rock me, baby
C’mon, baby, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, I’m hot like crazy

Let’s go, motherfuckers, go
Go, baby
Whoa, motherfuckers, whoa
Whoa, take me

You’re in my dreams at night
You stalk me, baby
C’mon, baby, help, help, help
Help, baby, Purple Hazy

Flow, motherfuckers, flow
Flow, baby
Glow, motherfuckers, glow
Glow like shady

You pull me out of Time
You tock me, baby
C’mon, baby, please, please, please
Please, not talkin’ maybe

To ‘n fro, motherfuckers, fro
Fro, baby
Rock ‘n roll, motherfuckers, roll
Roll, shape me

Like a yo-yo
Round the world
Flying saucer
I’m your girl

Let’s go
Oh, yeah.

Hard Candy

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Camilla d’Errico, Cotton Candy Curly Cue

Candy gave sold the Man-child what no girl ever really had

Sold it

Took it

Is what she did


She took her requital

Again and again

Then she took some more

More and more

Days become years

Candy took and took

She took what he had

She took what she took

She put it in her arm

When that wasn’t enough

She started doing him harm

Grave harm

Failed to make her

Go away

Just leave

Him alone



She came

It wasn’t her problem

But, hey, all the same

It had to be someone’s

Should have been



The kitchen

Candy’s throat

A blade

A glint

A sharper look stabs her eyes

Take a hint

“You’ve got one last chance, bitch

Grab what you can

Run for your life

You come back again

I’m not thinking twice

Gladly do Time

To see you go ‘bye.”

Right on the edge

Girl made the dive

Scored a 10 and 4 nines

Her very first try

Candy booked it

Right outta sight


Until now it would seem

Candy’s sweet meet

She dictates the plays

Basks in her fame

To beat


At her own game

Save him

Someone had to

Had to



to that

Black pool

I fear

For Girl

Cannot swim


Girl is my friend. Candy is Girl’s ancient history ex’s ex. Man-child is his brother.

Tales of Brave Ulysses

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Aphrodite, FriederichswerderscheKirch, Schinkel Museum from bradpsculptor.wordpress.com (I am unable make a link? Sorry.)


Demonstrating Love or sexual behaviour is part of the human condition, being alive. None of us would even exist without it. When do we classify it as whoredom, perversion and when is it an expression of Love, union, sexuality — divine? How can this expression — in its purest sense — be wanting, unacceptable?

Why not speak of Love? Act of Love? To speak and act of Love steals power from hate. There is much talk of hate. No? Think about it? How often do you encounter that word each day?


Uh, yeah. It adds up, hey?

That word should be the taboo. Not sex.

Colossal volumes encompassing myriad mediums have been devoted to the captivating Aphrodite alone — from cults to mythology to fine art to music… on and on she goes. She has enchanted the hearts and minds of man for an eternity it would seem.

How much Love could we all inspire if we were to — to paraphrase — wipe the dew off our spectacles, see that the world is moving and let Love reign, my conservative friend?


Heavy, psychedelic Cream. Tales of Brave Ulysses. 1967. Dig it.