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Crosstown Traffic

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Once again, one of the grooviest cats to ever grace the Galaxy. I’m always looking for an excuse to play a little Jimmi, hey? Always. Meet ya on the next world, baby. 😉

orcanaoftime put this footage together of The Jimi Hendrix Experience walking through the streets of Paris in 1967. It’s pretty sweet.

Apropos Heart and Purple Haze

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Went to my cousin’s in Metropolis. Freckles and Frenchy. She’s a LOT like a willowy Ellie May. Really. He has an intoxicating accent. Really.

It was a great drive both ways. Caught all the lights. Drove home with the sun setting behind me. Like… Gasp… Crazy beautiful… Forwards and backwards! Then, the mist just starting to creep as I turned off the highway and got closer to the lake… Everything is SO green! ❤❤❤❤❤

Sigh… Sweet. Yeah. Heading into the mauve with the tangerine at my back.

It was such a moment I couldn’t stop and take a picture. I could only just flow with the Universe and the Music. The Sky. ‘Excuse me while I kiss the Sky!’ Sometimes you just can’t see it… Other times… It just kisses you full on the lips, hey?

Move over, Rover and let Jimmi take over, yeah, you know what I’m talkin’ about…

Listened to lots of music in my car. I ❤ to listen to music in my car. Holy 🐮!!! Ya know, shake it loose? I, ummmmm, ❤❤❤❤❤ my car, too. She is super practical and awesome. Hugs the road like nothing I’ve ever driven before. A GREAT winter car. So, it was a groovy, good drive.

But, I digress…

So, hey, cats and kittens, please dig two of the best, most rockingest girls ever! Just… EVER!


Technical Difficulties?

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OMGness! Went to Dutchess and Jimmy’s on the weekend. Got our Rock Band band all together and… equipment malfunctions! 😜 lol The game wouldn’t load. So in the interim the ‘band’ got REALLY drunk while Bobby Boy tried to get us going. But… well, Bobby was kinda… 😜 roflol

Holy 🐮!!! ‘Alka-seltzer, Tang and a 50, it’s all over, hangover!’ 🎶

😝 We usually do snacks and stuff, pace ourselves. Nobody’s perfect. We all got a bit pie-eyed, hey?

So, Jimmy and Skaterboy play this BB gun game. They go to a course. They’ve got targets in the garage. I don’t do gun guns. Don’t kill stuff. Not my scene. Any guns. Hunting guns. I just leave. Get away. Don’t like ’em one bit.

That being said…

J says, “Hey, wanna give it a go, Dizz?”

“Ummmm,… okay?” 😊

“Dizzy, because I ❤ you so much I’m going to have to ask you to put on safety googles.” 😄😃😄

❤❤❤❤❤ Jimmy! And how!

But I’m cautious safety-girl…

“I, uh, wouldn’t have it any other way, Jimmy Boy. 😉”

“Okay. It’s on semi-automatic. Squeeze and you’ll get one off. Line your sights up here… Go for it, girl.”

Well… I squeezed. 😜 I am quite a bit ashamed to say it was FAB-U-LOUS!!!

*Dizzy? Our Dizzy? Oh, my!*

“Well, then… let’s just put this baby on fully automatic for ya, Dizz. 😁😁😁”

And he did… And I did!

I let ‘er rip! Holy 🐮!!! Intoxicating! INTOXICATING!!!!

“Die, motherf**kers!!!! DIE!!!!!” 😄😃😄😃😄 roflol

Oh! Ahem, please, excuse me…

The shock and delight on my peeps’ faces! 😜 What? Who knew? They didn’t think I had it in me. 😊 lol I know I didn’t!!! It was SO cute and funny. Sparkly even? Je ne sais quoi? 😄😃😄😃😄

Everyone laughed SO hard!!!! 😁 Aaaaahhhhhh…

We did that FIRST before we were pie-eyed, while just only tipsy. I am VERY safety conscious. Very. 😊

I always liked cops and robbers. But as I grew older I saw the implications that accompany guns. The kind of people who have guns aren’t the kinda people I wanna hang with, at least not here in Canada. Not very many people have them and the ones that do… Guns are a recipe for disaster. Granddad thought so, too. I’m rather afraid of them. Whenever I see them I get a queasy feeling?

They walked me home VERY late. I had The Cars playing on my iPhone (don’t have much music on it). What must the gentry of this hamlet think of us?!? 😱 Good grief. 😊 We laughed all the way home! Giddy. ‘Dancing down the street…’

Plugged in some Hendrix when I got in. Had it looped? It just kept goin’ and wound up chilling with Jimmi until the sun came up! Ooooops! How did that happen? I should know better. Always have a hard time turning it off. NEVER want it to end..

I’ve had a couple very slapstick weekends. My goodness. My goodness. If it gets any sillier I’ll most certainly die! Certainly! 😜 roflol


The ‘Band’… We look an awful lot like the Muppets, hey? 😜 lol